By Stu - 19/06/2012 09:59 - United States

Today, my girlfriend got a Twitter account. Now she won't stop hashtagging everything she sends me. FML
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My friend used to do that. Then, whenever he sent me something hashtagged, I'd reply with #thisisnottwitter. He stopped pretty quick.

Streeet_hayley 6

How could 3 commenters in a row all get the hashtag placement wrong.


TheIchiban 11

Oh god that's so stupid. The majority of people on twitter are stupid. Sorry OP

Dang, that sucks. Sucks for you#

MizzErikaHart 8

Close enough#

Haha thats the most annoying thing ever. #youknowwhatImsayinyeah

Your hashtags a little off bro

What have you done mods!?! Whose idea was it to publish an FML about hashtags, Alan, Didi or Sirin!?!

GaleHawthorne 0

I know how you feel OP, not only does my girlfriend hashtag everything, she is obsessed with 1D & Iconicboyz. (not sure if I spelled 2nd one correctly)

My friends have minor heart attacks when they go to check me in via their Facebook accounts. I don't have one, nor Twitter. It's quite humorous listening to them rant that I make their life harder by not being on social networking sites. I retort with, "I never asked you to check me in and it takes seconds to spell out my name." That usually shuts them up.

Life sucks for you#

sumbum95 15

Lmao!! That was really funny lol.

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TheIchiban 11

Twitter is for stupid people!

Well I guess millions of people are stupid then

TheIchiban 11

Yes in fact there are. Far too many indeed. If there weren't any stupid people, then the world wouldn't be in such a shit hole like like it is now.

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that"

5 - Your comment is really ironic.

5 Calls herself witty in her profile yet she is the complete opposite.

And let me guess, Facebook is the only social networking site for "smart people"? Stupid people are everywhere, but so are smart people. I follow some great people on Twitter.

I love it when people give such ignorant comments like "Stupid people use _____." That's a really flawed assumption, coming from someone who claims they're smart.

MyChemicalSmosh 4

So you're calling The Queen stupid? You're calling President Obama stupid? And countless amounts of artists, most of which are probably your idols? Yet on sites like Facebook you get girls spilling their boobs out everywhere and you get 10 year old dicks trying to be trollers while really they just look like fags. I think people on twitter are a little bit more intelligent than people on Facebook.

103- True that. Only idiots make sweeping generalisations.

Well you are deffinately part of them. I agree there are a lot of people who are stupid, but certainly not because they choose a different social website than you. You make yourself sound so motherfucking stupid i swear.

Didn't she also say she was unpredictable?

princessmollysue 9

Only stupid people would say that ....

Twitter isn't just about hearing people's random thoughts of little importance. Its about expressing feelings and ideas and connecting with people who share your interests. Many people do tweet about boring things 24/7 but a lot of others tweet funny, useful, and inspirational things. If someone is boring or stupid you don't have to follow them.

be careful. that shit is addicting lol #toobad

flashback.miss 28

yea sorry op, sounds like she cant get over the novelty of twitter just yet...

My friend used to do that. Then, whenever he sent me something hashtagged, I'd reply with #thisisnottwitter. He stopped pretty quick.

It's so annoying when people use hashtags outside of Twitter, just like the people who comment "Like" or "Dislike" on sites that aren't Facebook. Those people shouldn't even be using social networking.

99, Saying like or dislike may be out of context but can be applied in the real world as a slang term, and while I don't do it myself it doesn't bother me at all that others may do it. Hash tags on the other hand have no place anywhere outside of web scripting.

Break up with her, right now.

That's a little intense.

dixiefoxx 22

Yeah.. I wouldn't break up with my boyfriend if he kept hashtagging, I'd just tell him to knock it off.