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  Bano360  |  25

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  josiemorehouse  |  12

I think what #4 may be trying to say is that the title of 'mom' is more of a term of respect and endearment, as opposed to an earned title, such as 'mother'. It's the equivalent of 'father' vs 'dad'. Just because a woman births a child doesn't make her a 'mom'. And alternatively if a woman does not birth a child but instead adopts or raises another as her own, she is no less of a 'mom'.

It takes more than giving birth or getting a woman knocked up to be a mom or dad. And OP's mother doesn't sound like a true 'mom' that deserves the title and the respect that accompanies it. FYL OP, that's very rude and disrespectful of your mother.

  \  |  28

#44, Thank you, Captain Obvious Joke-Killer.

  Enslaved  |  36

It amazes me how this little "#" symbol seems to get so many people in an uproar. "#" are everywhere for different reasons, notice, even here in front of everyone's number on FML. It expanded its meanings. Why care so much how people chose to use it?

  julako  |  22

I didn't get that hashtag-thing either. So thanks guys!
One last question: Do they make things/topics/names etc. searchable? Or do they really only point out the important keywords/feelings?

  Missyeru  |  14

#81 In Twitter and Facebook, you can click or search the hashtags and it will show anyone else who had hashtags the same thing. So you can FB or Twitter search #FML and have anyone else who's talked about it.

  mrlopez  |  13

You start a hashtag if you want to emphasize something about your posting. Like #Under21Cheerleaders. The cool thing is, when more people also use your hashtag in their postings, this becomes a 'trend'. Facebook and Twitter has neat ways to display the biggest 'trends'.

Of course, there are people who may go overboard with #hashtags #that #isn't #trendy #but #ends #up #spoiling #the-look-of-their #posting

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

Facebook copycatted twitter after realising how popular they were...