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Today, my mom made a Facebook status about me: "My daughter is on her rags and won't shut the fuck up #annoyingbitch". FML
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wow, you'd think your mom would understand


Seems like she's on her rags too..


wow, you'd think your mom would understand

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Understandability is quite rare these days.

no, I was going to leave wow because that's the first thought that came to my head, and then I realized how stupid it was to leave just that

He saved himself after making a crappy first comment into a decent first comment. He went over the brink of FML no-no's and came back. Once in a blue moon.

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Oh twitter moms ( or mums like we say in England )

When I was younger a twitter mom/mum was quite a different thing.

worst thing to do with those twitter mums was open the door


Seems like she's on her rags too..

Mom-woman who gave birth/ is legal guardian. Pretty sure that means its a mom

josiemorehouse 12

I think what #4 may be trying to say is that the title of 'mom' is more of a term of respect and endearment, as opposed to an earned title, such as 'mother'. It's the equivalent of 'father' vs 'dad'. Just because a woman births a child doesn't make her a 'mom'. And alternatively if a woman does not birth a child but instead adopts or raises another as her own, she is no less of a 'mom'. It takes more than giving birth or getting a woman knocked up to be a mom or dad. And OP's mother doesn't sound like a true 'mom' that deserves the title and the respect that accompanies it. FYL OP, that's very rude and disrespectful of your mother.

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#44, Thank you, Captain Obvious Joke-Killer.

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@44: Your attempt to look smart kicked you in the butt, didn't it?

#44 the woman who gave birth to me is hardly anywhere near being my mother. The woman who adopted me is my loving mom and always will be.

Gotta love moms.. Besides not your fault.. She brought you into this world.. For better or for worse.

casual_commenter 9

I think marriage is for better or worse, not child birth.

It's a way of pointing out the subject matter for the less intelligent.

It's even worse that hash tags started working on Facebook. At first they were just plain text. Only a twitter problem. Ughhh.

its better that way. #hashtagsareoverated

It amazes me how this little "#" symbol seems to get so many people in an uproar. "#" are everywhere for different reasons, notice, even here in front of everyone's number on FML. It expanded its meanings. Why care so much how people chose to use it?

I didn't get that hashtag-thing either. So thanks guys! One last question: Do they make things/topics/names etc. searchable? Or do they really only point out the important keywords/feelings?

Missyeru 14

#81 In Twitter and Facebook, you can click or search the hashtags and it will show anyone else who had hashtags the same thing. So you can FB or Twitter search #FML and have anyone else who's talked about it.

mrlopez 13

You start a hashtag if you want to emphasize something about your posting. Like #Under21Cheerleaders. The cool thing is, when more people also use your hashtag in their postings, this becomes a 'trend'. Facebook and Twitter has neat ways to display the biggest 'trends'. Of course, there are people who may go overboard with #hashtags #that #isn't #trendy #but #ends #up #spoiling #the-look-of-their #posting

I thought hashtags were only popular on Twitter #weird

arandomusernameaa 20

Facebook copycatted twitter after realising how popular they were...

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It's gotten worse. I've even seen them on YouTube a couple of times recently.

Its on tumblr and instagram too. If you think about it they are useful when looking for a certain something when used right and are not stupid.

At least I used mine as a joke I don't know what the hell #35 was doing xD