By Lori_ftw - 27/02/2014 03:28 - United States - Oakland

Today, my store manager thought that it would improve morale to talk in hashtags. FML
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JMichael 25

Fuck everyone's life who works there.

You can't beat a hashtag with a hashtag!

\ 28



You need a new job/boss.

StiffPvtParts 43

Easy for you to say. I'm guessing you've never been unemployed and completely broke. Trust me, it sucks. A steady job is well worth keeping, even if you don't like your boss. (._.)

Why would he need to get a new job or boss? It's a minor inconvenience and it's nothing worth quitting over. Getting a job is not so easy so don't quit over something as stupid as this.

Why does it seem that every little thing that occurs it worthy of quitting a job on this site? People like #3 realize that it is not a big deal, and OP probably needs the job


Wow!! So much butthurt!!! Take a joke.

cryssycakesx3 22

"so why'd you leave your last job?" "you see, it started with twitter..."

@23 Well it depends, if the boss/manager is a real jerk and border-line harassing/verbal abusing them then it might be a good idea to quit/look for a new job (there should be a way to report a boss or co-worker for harassment/verbal abuse, no one deserves to go through that.) This however, would be a really stupid reason to quit; it's a little annoying but it's not a big deal. Even the OP explained it was to increase morale so obviously the manager had good intentions and cares about their employees. If that's the worst OP has to deal with than I think their pretty lucky.

@33 It's the same reason so many people on this site think that OP should dump/divorce their SO for every little thing; no one seems to want to talk about or deal with problems anymore. There are ligament reasons to quit, just like there are ligament reasons to dump/divorce your SO, this isn't one of them.

You mean legitimate?

he won't get the results he's looking for.

"Tweet" him right and give him a slap back into reality!

Today, I changed jobs because my store manager is ignorant... Seriously it took me forever to find out about hashtags. You're going to have some very confused customers #FYL



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"#ournewdevice #workswellwith #smartphonesandiPads.."

How do you talk in hashtags? He said "hashtag" before every sentence fragment and didn't use proper word spacing? But I guess it could be worse... It could have worked.