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Today, while working customer service, I instructed a customer to press the pound key on her cellphone. She hesitated a moment before asking, "Um, the pound key? You mean the hashtag, right?" FML
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Thankfully she isn't entirely representative of our generation...

Truthfully, I didn't even know what the pound key was until I was in 8th grade.

I don't understand what the issue is. I'm from Ireland. We call it hashtag. I never heard of the button pound until I came to the US.

I have no idea what this "pound key" is... I'm going to guess it's an American thing?

wikipedia~ "outside of North America it is called Hash." Americans, for the last time, please stop acting like you're the only country on earth.

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55- I'm American, but I hate when people stereotype Americans into Nationalistic, drunk rednecks. I respect everybody, even if they don't respect me. It's the way I was raised. Just because some Americans are idiotic, judgemental pricks, doesn't mean we all are.

89 I never said anything about drunk rednecks. I don't see your culture that way, actually in that sense I think Australia is worse. In my experience traveling to the US the people are the loveliest and most friendly and outgoing on earth, but there also is a massive emphasis on nationalism, for example the worship of past presidents, the abundance of your national flag on basically every street corner in some parts, the protection and sacredness of the law and the fact that the national anthem is sung even at National level sporting events. This is just my biased Australian observation. and its totally ok that your culture is like that, just understand that much of the world isn't and that's why we see the US as a particularly nationalistic society.

Is it not the symbol for British currency? £££

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they are also the only country in the world to show the date as month/day/year

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yeah but some places put the year first so its not like everyone is the same. the pound symbol is already taken though so calling the hash symbol that is bound to cause confusion. it has no comnection to pounds in currency or in weight.

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Seeing as though this FML is from America, it is alright for US to ridicule. It is not proper for (people who live in the USA) to think of it as 'hash' (Atleast not until the #hashtag epidemic).

This is a pound sign £. This is a hash tag #. Stop ******* about with things and people will have a clue what you mean.

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I'd say this is a fyl for everyone...

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101- I understand where you are coming from, I'm proud to be American, but I'm not an ubernationalist. I said drunk redneck because that seems to be the American stereotype of choice.

That's funny because it's original a British term because it uses to denote 1 pound.

Woah 158. no one said they didn't like America. cut the patriotic crap. were all from different places with different ideas. it's people like you that give the culture a bad name; you look like a fool.

the abbreviation for a pound such as a measurement for weight in America is lb or # prior to Twitter everyone in America called this buttone on the telephone A pound key now that every hashtag s completely unnecessarily on facebook and Twitter the use of the pound key term will surely end. In America hash is concentrated marijuana.

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Maybe she wasn't from the U.S. They don't call it the pound key all over the world

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158- I think you, sir, should get out of America or get an education, because YOU are the typical American stereotype. YOU are one of the people that give Americans a bad name.

188, even before facebook and twitter I never knew pound meant hash until I read this FML.

Sadly, this won't get the thumbs up this deserves as it's probably to random seeming for people to Google. Just know you made one person grin and nod in approval.

Googled it. Nice comment dude! and thank you koala for making me a little less lazy! :)

30 - If somebody thinks something is too random to Google, then they shouldn't be on the Internet anyway. *Runs off to Google octothorpe*

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FINALLY, SOMEONE ELSE WHO KNOWS WHAT AN OCTOTHORPE IS!!!! Seriously though, I named my snake Octothorpe and not one person has had a clue what it means.

So hipster, 155, you and your nonconventional pet with a rarely understood name. (I don't have anything against unusual pets, I have a tortoise. It's just the way you presented it.)

If someone said that to me, I'd laugh, not start worrying about humanity. It's funny and harmless.

You fear for humanity because the name of a symbol has been changed based on its most common usage? How do you even get out of bed in the morning? The world must terrify you.

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I may worry about humanity......but this is not even on my radar of reasons...

Actually, #6, a true sharp sign has slightly angled horizontal lines.

I know #70. I play in a symphony. Just making a joke!

I called it the number key before I knew it was called pound.

#109, #6's name is hghrider123456, what about it?

@173- no it really isn't. Always get confused so easily??

Hashtags go before words. And of you're old enough, numbers too.

You're doing the hashtags wrong anyway.....

There are no correct ways to use hashtags...

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I'm a cake decorator and the other day, no lie, a 13 year old and his mother came in to have me write on a.cookie cake. He had me ******* write his username and then #happybirthday under if!! When I read it back I said "...pound happy birthday." and they didn't know what the hell I was talking about and tried to "correct"me.

Someone stole the last slice of pizza "I've lost all hope for humanity."

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8- Why? Because one lady called an octothorpe a hashtag? You might as well stay inside if that makes you lose hope.

The pound key is now the hashtag hahahahaha # hashtag

This may blow your mind but it was always called the hash key. For some reason Americans wanted to be different and called that button the pound key.

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the pound symbol is already taken it looks like this £. no wonder foll get mixed up. if soemone said to me to put in the dollar sign it would be $ not # so why do you use something thats easily recognisable as anothers currency as something else

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Can you blame her? It seems like everything has a hashtag in front it.