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Today, I wrote a text to the guy I've had a crush on for two years. I typed "hey" and put my phone down, not ready to send it. A little while later, I heard it buzz. The reply said "Um... what?" Apparently my sister had added "I'm a shitty prostitute" to my text and sent it. FML
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What I do at parties is grab a few ice cubes, walk up to a cute girl, throw the ice cubes on the ground and step on them, and then proceed to inform her that I just broke the ice :D

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

Or you put a passcode lock on it... I never leave my phone unlocked around anyone... people are snoopy and like to read your messages... Just be more careful next time OP.

By  Ambient25  |  24

Umm so the guy would obviously know it was a joke. Even if you were a "shitty prostitute", it's not like he'd say "I agree" or something.

If this is your first text to the guy you've had a crush on, you could do a lot better than just say "hey"...

  Morqan_Freeman  |  14

She could have said "Hey, I'm taking a shit so what's up?" Because even if she said it was a joke I don't know about you but I'd always havethat in the back of my mind if I ever spoke to OP.

  synsam  |  4

she could have said "hey I've been standing outside your house masterbating with your garden hose every night this year. if you reject me your family dies but I'll keep you alive in my basement see you in class love ya"

  Lacist  |  19

Yeah it's not even that bad, unless it's the first text you sent to him, depending on your definition of crush. Just say I left my phone open and my sister texted you that, he would understand.