By Anonymous - United States - Rochester
  Today, I lost my virginity. We did it on the floor in my step-sister's room, and the entire time he kept pushing my head into the carpet. I lost my V-card but gained rug burn on my face that looks like a fatal disease. FML
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  Aegimus  |  5

because she's a typical 21st century teen that lost her virginity probably just so she could brag to her friends that she lost it. it didn't matter where or when.

  Welshite  |  39

#36: Or she could have been pressured into it by her boyfriend, or she may be older than you think. I personally doubt the latter, but teens are becoming more aware of safe sex-practices and don't just have sex to "brag". That's my modest opinion.

  Enslaved  |  36

What if the OP did it in the stepsister's room because she wanted to trick the guy (it never said it was "her boyfriend") onto thinking she was that sister, hence why she didn't say anything to stop it and kept her face hidden in the carpet. Dun-dun-duuuun

A little Leah/Rachel trickery!!

  Zelphoric  |  25

Yeah I can just imagine it "hey babe where do you wanna do the nasty?" "how about on the floor in my stepsisters room, that sounds comfortable!"

  JackieMars13  |  1

Don't judge. It's a floor so who really cares? It could have been way worse like in her bed or on the table they eat off of. A floor isnt that big of a deal. It definitely won't affect the sister in any way.

  SammyS2012  |  21

maybe it's just me, but i find that disrespectful. why have sex in someone else's room? unless the step-sister gave permission to be intimate (which could be valid) in her room, it doesnt matter where in the room they do it, having sex in another person's room without their permission is disrespectful.

  cbroady0529  |  9

I don't understand why people are being critical of bandgeek when all I could think was, "what kind of parent tells their kid that, adopted or not?" That's basically, "I don't want you". That can be devastating to a young adult's emotional development so I'm not surprised that she acted immaturely.

By  caitlinbblack  |  14

I'm trying to understand what you mean by pushing your head into the rug.
So he put his hand on your face and pushed it into the carpet?
That's not pleasant, why not tell him to stop. That's how I see it

  saocrates  |  16

If her face got the rug burn he was prolly on top of her while she was face down and kept pushing her head.

OP you should have spoken up and told him to stop or switch positions.