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Today, my daughter said "I love you mom", to me for the first time I can remember. She is 16 years old. She said it because I bought her first thong. FML
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Messed up. I dont think I'd buy my daughter a thong at sixteen. Awkward. D:


Messed up. I dont think I'd buy my daughter a thong at sixteen. Awkward. D:

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my mom bought me a thong at 11

an 11 year old with ass floss?? ew...your mom should be ashamed of herself lol

WTF? A thong at 11? Were your pregnant at 13???

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I'm 13 and I got one... just because I had bought a dress that I needed one for it

If you've truly never told your mom that you love her, then your relationship IS bad. I'm surprised you're that old and haven't realized that yet.

My mom buys me thongs a well as my dad. It shouldn't matter what age really. If you're wearing an outfit and it shows your panty lines the choices are: look stupid with panty lines, go commando, or buy a thong.

Lace panties, seamless panties and boy short panties are all options to avoid pantie lines so why does everyone insist that it's either a thong or to go commando? And I remember that it was more embarrassing for the girls crouched down or bent down for what ever reason if their thongs showed more than panties, because if it was a thong people would line up just to see and laugh.

How are lace panties better than a thong? Especially when we're talking about girls under the age of 16.

you shouldn't put up with that shit

She's probably trying to impress a guy.

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prob! but what a cool mom u are!

i would never get a thong to impress a guy. I just don't want underwear lines

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Perhaps the OP's memory is incredibly terrible?

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Your cat looks like mine. :) I'm just saying...

well do you say it to her??? and # 4: maybe she is a terrible mother what do you know???

#6 has a good point. Do you tell her that you love her? If so, FYL. If not, YDI.

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How the hell do you find thongs comfortable?!? There like permanent wedgies!!!

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Not at all, they really are comfortable, you just have to get the right brand


you are a dopehead. it's lingerie.

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No one gives a shit? This isn't your FML, back off thief.

I pray that you have a child just like yourself. Maybe then you'll realize how stupid you sound.

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Even as an adult, my mum still doesn't agree with me wearing a thong. Your daughter was probably just being appreciative.

I bet her boyfriend loves you too now. ;-)