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Today, I told my girlfriend I love her for the first time. She said, "Thanks." FML
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Maybe she's just nervous. Give her a bit of time and don't bring it up for a 2-3 weeks, then ask if you said it too soon.

Just give her time, it's not always easy to say those words back, maybe she wants it to mean something important. I can be that way too, I don't want be be half assed about the word "Love". So just give her time :) Try again in 3-6 weeks, those who wait receives


This is just like Ross On the show friends and his girlfriend emily. But. She probably was just stunned and didn't know what to say. If she didn't think she could live you free saying that. He woulda told u so. She would have left u.

my welcome? or were you talking about ops welcome?

Wow this is like the 5th time this has been an fml. Get over yourself this is not an fml!

Killerskittle, the rules clearly state "Please don't post any comments which question the validity of an FML (accusing the original poster of submitting a fake story, or arguing that an anecdote is "not FML worthy" or "even "not an FML" based solely on your own personal intuition or opinion isn't very fair. Furthermore, it ruins the other users' reading experience)." For disobeying FML rules written by our French overlords, you are sentenced to 20years in the dungeon watching a marathon of Dane Cook. Administered by Sirin.

She was probably not ready to say it back, the phrase "I love you" means a lot. I personally think she did the right thing, saying thanks is better than saying "me too" if she really did not mean it.

23, didn't this happen in The Big Bang Theory too?

101, Yeah. Leonard said it to Penny and she just said "thank you". Wil Wheaton proceded to make her break up with him.

yeah, 154, i was wondering about that for so long xD im dutch so i wasn't surr. doesnt 'op's welcome' mean 'op is welcome'?

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I think her honesty is great. If she's not ready to say I love you you should accept her wish because you wouldn't want to rush things.

juturnaamo 29

And also every person who has ever dated, ever.

lol for the ops sake lets hope it doesnt turn out the sameway

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2- you can't really say that because we dont know the circumstances.

How doesn't she deserve him? He could have said it too soon, and she does CARE for him; she's just not ready to say "Love". Although we don't know how long they've been together.

Iknoweverything 29

#2Would you have rather she said it mindlessly when she maybe wouldn't have meant it? The phrase "I love you" is such a personal thing. People who think it automatically deserves an "I love you too" whether it's authentic or not don't have a freaking clue; and the value of the phrase goes down each time they think the way you do.

MarisaCB 16

Okay, that's a bit harsh. I did that with my boyfriend, but nowhere does it say Op's age. He could be 14. If you don't return the feelings, it's just the polite thing to say. More words probably followed, like "Thanks, but I'm not ready to say that."

mhopper 13

What else can you say when you don't feel the same way back? Maybe it's too soon? Would silence have been preferable?

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I agree with 9. My first boyfriend said "I love you" after 2 weeks of being together and I was at a loss for words... it depends on the circumstance

Teens have trivialized the word love FAR too much..

44: With all due respect to your valid point, does it not seem even a little bit hilarious to you that you write, "He could be 14," when you yourself are only 16? I lol'd.

95 I read your comment in an angry Samuel L. Jackson voice lol

98: You'd be surprised how often I get that. Or rather: You'd be surprised how often I get that, mothafucka!

135-Anyone and everyone deserve to comment on FML. The problem with that is idiots like you come on and then either spew ignorance and stupidity, or try to tell people what they should and shouldn't do. They (#2) were being sympathetic. No need to be an asshole. Also, considering you're stupid enough to post your phone number on the Internet, I'd say, for argument's sake, if anyone doesn't deserve to comment, it's you, ****-face. So shut up.

MarisaCB 16

Well, 95, to be fair, I said I wasn't ready for it at 16, so if he's 14, why would he be ready either?

Don't jump to conclusions about the circumstances surrounding this FML. When I started dating my Husband, I was 21 & he told me he loved me after just a few weeks. I wasn't quite ready to say it back & I told him that I truly cared for him & said thank you. A week & a half later on Valentine's day, he dropped me off at home after we spent the day together. I called him & told him to come back really quick because he forgot something. He rolled down his window, I leaned in, gave him a kiss & said "I love you, too". Give her time. If you truly love her, then the wait is worth it.

Dat must suck :/ she probably doesnt love u back

Are you talking about the comedian Dat Phan!? In my opinion, he doesn't really suck...

That's a pretty rude thing to say. You don't know if the girl is just socially awkward or not. She may not have been ready for that even though she has feelings for him.

Was it really that hard to type "That"

How hard is it to spell the word "dat"?? People are getting more stupid by the day now. What has this world come to?

peytonxrawr 1

That's the persons name..."dat"

You are actually the ugliest person I've ever seen. Also it doesn't mean she doesn't love him back just she's not ready for using the word "love" in their relationship it's a strong word... And it's 1 extra key to spell that different letters of course but still you're on fml. Just saying :)

What if she isn't ready yet? It is possible to have strong feelings for someone and not love them

121: I upvoted you for your succinctness and lack of mechanical errors.

hockeyoceancity 13

She actually could be, at least she doesn't throw around saying love to just anyone it could mean she is a nice good girl that wants to mean it when she says it. Respectable woman. No misleading.

At least I didn't call her a raging bitch. Haha

Haha my friend kinda did the same to her boyfriend (now her ex) but he told her he loved her and she said "I love me too!" haha but that must suck!

What was she supposed to do? Throw herself at OP?

85: Awesome pic! It kinda looks you're an anime character ejecting swallowing a can of rockstar in hilarious fashion.

72: or, she could just be a bitch. You never know.

Maybe she's just nervous. Give her a bit of time and don't bring it up for a 2-3 weeks, then ask if you said it too soon.

Also considering it's the FIRST time you have ever said 'I love you' to her.

Just give her time, it's not always easy to say those words back, maybe she wants it to mean something important. I can be that way too, I don't want be be half assed about the word "Love". So just give her time :) Try again in 3-6 weeks, those who wait receives

59? I got no idea.. It's a name me and my brother made..

I assumed it was similar to kangaroo but with more sparkles.

perdix 29

I'm curious where you got your "3-6 week" time frame. Seems like that span brackets her menstrual cycle, so she'd be at the same point in her cycle when she didn't reply "I love you, too" originally. I think the optimal span is 9-1/2 Weeks.

I'm sure a new attitude towards the value of the word 'love' would suffice.

I agree with Elly. But would also like to point out that your picture is creepy! >_< no eyes=scares me.

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At least she knows and at least she didn't say it back without meaning it, hopefully when the time comes she will feel the same way about you!

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She may not be ready, and honestly "thanks" is the most polite response possible, so I don't think this is 100% a terrible situation.