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Today, I was at a restaurant with my kids. I told my 13 year old about how the very first time she said she loved me. She was 2 and it was at this very restaurant. I told her the details and even started tearing up a little. She didn't even look up from her cell phone and said, "That's fab, ma." FML
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Kids these least she didn't say it by text :)

CaramelMacchiato 13

I'm only a year older than OP's daughter, and I would have probably gushed all about it! :') Am I the only one who loves hearing stories about their childhood?


MizzErikaHart 8

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Actually, she expected " the13 year old" to be kind and show enthusiasm for what she says...

CaramelMacchiato 13

I'm only a year older than OP's daughter, and I would have probably gushed all about it! :') Am I the only one who loves hearing stories about their childhood?

I'd have expected "that's great ma *colon capital D*"...then you'd know she meant it

yadisingh 5

I expect a 13 year old to say "I love you too mom" or something nice like that.

I was a brat when I was 13 too. Just wait a few years we get better :)

MizzErikaHart 8

I'm sorry, I should have said "what do you expect a 13 yr old with a cell phone to say?"

CaramelMacchiato 13

^ The same thing I wrote on #21. I had a cellphone last year, too, lol! >:)

Prodigy7 4

1, I've seen and heard far too many people make comments like yours. Please, please do NOT lower your expectations like that. Because when you do, kids will only end up disappointing you.

Teenagers care more about how they appear to their peers than to their parents. I'll bet if her favorite boy said something similarly heartfelt to her she'd be over the moon. Just be patient.

CaramelMacchiato 13

^ Please be careful with your wording. You make it sound as if it's teenagers in general. No, only a select few.

#94 : we all know that not all the 13yr are like this.... But the majority today is lol i have seen my and my frnds younger sister of 13-15 age... They all are almost as like #91 said lol

I'm 13 too and even though I'll admit I'd not get too gushy about it, I'd show more emotion than that. Maybe still an "I love you"

mollysticks 10

I'm a year older than her too, and I would have been happy to hear that, plus, I don't use my cellphone when I'm eating with my family. That's just impolite.

kayla_ann0o 9

At least she was listening.

SW500 13

Maybe it was because the indestructible Motorola Razor I had didn't have texting, but I actually cared and had conversations with my parents when I was 13. Even now at 17 I give my parents actual responses, though I'll admit with an iPhone I do use it more than I should.

I would be apathetic in that situation. I am a guy, if that means anything (it probably does psychologically). Even if I was just sitting doing nothing I'd be like "That's... Nice." Just the way I am, but I think the daughter was on default reply to mom mode and might not have known what she was even replying to. So I don't think the daughter was intentionally unemotional.

italiancows 8

@151 These days EVERYBODY has a cellphone! I know kids getting Blackberry's at 7! I got my first phone at 10 and its not a big deal. I hate how everybody is getting mad over the subject on "kids having cell phones". Let me just remind all that those are NOT YOUR KIDS. And if you think its a bad idea to get your kid a phone than dont get YOUR kid a phone. Stop telling other people how to parent their children properly! there not your kids! SO SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUBJECT!

When I was 13 I would have probobly realized the sentimental value of the resturant...

22cute 17

13 year old girls are especially tough on Moms. And they are especially sensitive about their own childhoods. She'll be sweet to you again in her 20s. Give her time & laugh this off.

165 - It's more of a general concern about future generations and the fate of the human race. Or at least that's what I get out of it. Also, it's not like the only children you interact with are your own kids. If kids everywhere are annoying the **** out of you or being rude for a specific reason, I think it's perfectly okay to complain about.

She lets her daughter have her cellphone at the table, and the kid was on it through the whole story. Do you expect her to suddenly give a shit after not paying attention?

To not be a douchebag to your mom, for one...

The mum brought it on herself. If she wants to give her daughter a phone at age 13, common sense would be to also make sure she has manners and knows about etiquette. Simple rules and a little respect go along way.

YOU'RE one of the select few that care more how their parents see them than boys.

My cousin is thirteen, and she's nothing like this. Some kids just change, no matter how they were raised.

But... But boys have cooties!!! ... And super herpes.

At least it's better then a text saying "fab ma"!!

People like you are the exact reason she said what she said. Just because your young doesent mean you don't know any manners. She should've been kind to her mother, she'll realize that someday and shouldn'tve been an ass.

I would never have shown any kind of disrespect to my mom. She'd never let me get away with that.

I tell my mom i luv her! Even though im 13

Not everyone one likes hearing about their childhood. I forgot most of my life after a surgery that went bad and it's like a fresh start. I'm fine without my childhood and I hate it when my parents try to tell me about it.

You obviously don't remember you're years as a teen very well

I don't know, maybe have a little respect dumb shit

Kids these least she didn't say it by text :)

Lauren10102 3

It's a sad world that we live in. I'll go get the kool aid.

And bacon. Bacon makes everything better. Bring alcohol too...

KingDingALing 9

Bacon, Kool Aid, and alcohol... What the **** is going on in your mind?

bitch_pleez 10

26 apparently didn't understand the reference...

ConesOfDeath 0

Ok ok ... I think I got it... We will take the kool aid powder and put it in the alcohol. We then use the bacon to stir the alcohol. Bacon flavored kool aid whiskey anyone?

Well nows not the time for kool-aid because this comet isn't close enough to the earth or something. To, uh, beam us to our home planet. Or something. (There were two famous kool-aid mass suicides, did I guess the one you were thinking of?)

Well maybe if you send it via text message with a teary face she'll get sad?

I think she has really good txting plan.

Who needs a texting plan when you can have text plus!

You need wifi to use textplus. Not every place you go has wifi.

227 - I have friends with blackberrys. It's very annoying. Can't iMessage them. Everyone should have an iPhone. That's just my personal opinion though.

I have an iPhone yet I can not see the difference between iMessage and regular texting

Hiimhaileypotter 52

302- iMessage is faster, more like chat, and doesn't use up texts like the green bubbles do.

SayPeanuts 29

Kids these days... She's probably going through that too cool to care phase.

CaramelMacchiato 13

If I see one more comment like "kids these days," I swear.. I would understand if OP's daughter was at school or something and acted like that, but really, in front of your own mother and family? That's a little strange, but that's just my opinion! Maybe.. Just MAYBE.. OP's daughter isn't going through any phase at all, and the whole topic just really isn't interesting to her.

25, what exactly do you swear...? I'm dying to know ._.

It's better off this way. Our minds would not be able to comprehend what she plans on doing.

CaramelMacchiato 13

35 - If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

EmmaxSampson 9

Unfortunately, it really is kids these days, I'm 17 and I'm a victim of it constantly. Not saying that's the case here she may have not known how to react to her mother. I know sometimes I don't know how to react to peoples emotions correctly and it seems careless but it's not.

People have been saying "kids these days" for over two millennia...

"The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers." -Socrates Kids these days, indeed.

Blooblibloo 4

Yah. I am all for bashing annoying kids and all, but really OP's daughter just act like a teen in her "teen" phase. Not every teen is this way, but that "whatever" attitude from a is nothing new. Some even say it's a fundamental step so.

bitch_pleez 10

4, it says you're 18. I don't think that makes you old enough to say "kids these days" since you're talking about your own generation. 99, same goes for you.

"Kids these days…" well maybe if you guys raised us better, you wouldn't be complaining about it. ;) But seriously, teenagers are at that age where they're trying to find themselves, figure life out and understand adulthood. We want independence and time to ourselves to sort our lives out, and it's been that way for a long time now. I try not to be, but I know that it probably makes me and my other fellow teens (some more than others, definitely) a bit self-centered and rebellious- we need to figure out how to live in the "real world" for ourselves, you know? So I don't think teens are bad, I think things are just confusing. While it might not be right to be as rude as OP's daughter, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to be a "typical teenager." Although I will say that some people are really rude, kind of past the point of "weeellllll, it's hormones and stuff I guess." But in those cases, please recognize that rude adults exist too- it's not just "kids these days." Pots calling the kettles black. (; /I'm sorry I write such long comments that are unrelated to the original post. Seriously. FYL, OP, just because… well, you must have felt like shit.

JasonEP 3

Bratty kids blah blah blah I'm just responding to say that Billy Talent is awesome.

I know that a lot of teens these days are indeed self-centered jerks, but not all of us are like that. Some of us are still respectful and kind to our elders and show emotion when they speak to us. So don't judge the whole generation because some of us are bad. :)

I'm 13 years old, and I don't take my phone with me everywhere I go. Yes, I go on it a bit sometimes, but when someone talks to me, the phone turns off. I don't understand why people my age have no self control or respect. :(

Teabubbles 8

Awhh omg ugh kids these days. They don't seem appreciative anymore. Hang in there OP, i hope she comes up with something good for mothers day.

I appreciate everything my parents do for me. I'm a teenager. People stereotype all of us, and don't give us a chance to prove that we're not all self-centered. Before you say "kids these days," please realize we don't all do that, thanks.

biglittlehead 12

Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking. It really sucks how people categorize us by our age.

105- you're 21 i dont think you're considered a teen nor a kid.

ConesOfDeath 0

It pisses me off when my friends get tickets and are hit by other drivers and they get the blame simply because of there age. It's like ageism. And ageism is wrong like racism. You can't charge an Asian more than a white man, so why a 17 year old more than a 37 year old. I hope I can delete this in 20 years when I change my opinion as it will best help me then.

No kid is really typical anymore, really, everyone's become so branched out and different, so it's hard to say "kids these days". You may as well say "people these days", everybody does dumb stuff at some point. It's human.

curlyfry33 8

I am a teen and i welcome those stereotypes because they are mostly true, I try my best not to be to cool or anything but some people are incredibly selfish. Yea, im talking to you! The one who is only 10 and is reading this with their iPhone, now go and tell your mom you love her!

ss_20_xx 14

Oh looks like 105 made a "boo boo", got caught with the wrong age lol.

199- Whoaa, easy there! My younger sister has an iPhone and shes only 10.... She saved up her money for years to get one (from 9 years old to 10) And she turns her iPhone off whenever she's being spoken to.

misskelskels 0

She'll appreciate your stories more when she gets older :) no worries

Since when did teenagers say "Fab"?

Sorrz OP. Next time she asks/tells you something say "Whatevs Guurrrlll"

You should've taken your daughter's phone, very cheeky behavior. I hate my generation for so many reasons...

Y?? O em geez i dont get y sooo many ppl thnk havn a phone @ 13 iz such a big deal?? Lyk im sur wen u wer lttl u ddnt care wat ur mom n dad sayd!!1! it isznt tht seryus guyz. Geez. God, someone kill me now. Why do I do this to myself?

twerp21 3

I'm so sorry, but I had to thumb you down for the first part of your comment.

kandi_kid69 15

50- Reading that made some brain cells go *poof*.

I see seven year olds walking around in mini skirts and listening to Britney Spears. I find that ignoring them usually helps. Society is changing, and although I don't agree with my generation sometimes, there's nothing I can do about it, but live my own life.

50- very few teenagers actually type like that. I don't understand why everyone rapes leet speak when imitating texters. People make grammatical errors, and I've seen the occasional person purposefully use q's instead of g's to be cool, but seriously. Barely anyone texts like that.

bombardtower 1
ginglederf 6

I'm so sorry.. Try telling her about how she was conceived see I she pays attention then...

bizarre_ftw 21

I suggest not, no one needs to hear that >.< My mum told me once, it was horrifying I would've left, but we were at a restaurant and I was hungry, however by the time the food came I couldn't even eat >>.

KriiFahMoro 9

I dont know about you guys, but if my mom tried to tell me how I was conceived I'd cover my ears and yell "NOPENOPENOPENOPE" and run.