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  Wowxoxo  |  17

Forget the talk, show her ;)

  Googolman  |  29

She already knows about sex, but probably doesn't know it's how to have children. Furthermore, having sex is not the only way to get pregnant, but I doubt she was thinking that.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@35 porno doesn't show people getting pregnant and having children, so watching porno wouldn't teach you the relationship between having sex and having children.

  NoFlippinWai  |  24

I had told my sister years ago that she could get pregnant by kissing if she didnt wear lipgloss. Years later, my mother jokingly asked my 13 year old sister if she could be pregnant (she was a day or so late), and about died when she said she could be (still believing kissing is how you got that way.)

  SkyGuy32  |  17

I think this is YDI. Parents should teach their kids. Unless OP did, and OP's daughter just forgot or something.

  BlueFlatts  |  20

I'm glad I was thought in school and never had to have that awkward conversation with my parents. I'm just amazed a kid managed to avoid it all. Young innocence.

  iluvevil01  |  11

Not to be stupid or ignorant, but there are ways to have kids without sex. If she doesn't have a father then she her mother might not have had sex. She also might've been curious if she was adopted. Who even knows, I'm probably wrong.

By  pwnman  |  33

Woah. I'm surprised. I suggest you go and have the talk with her, explaining how children are made, and did not come from the hospital baby store, or Walmart.