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Today, was my mom's birthday. I recently got my first job, thanks to her, and could finally afford to buy her something nice. I spent my first paycheck ever on buying her a very nice bracelet. She said it was nice, then asked if I would mind if she exchanged it for one she actually liked. FML
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At least she will pick herself up something she will actually wear,better then having it lying around in her room...still ungrateful thi!!

I've given plenty of jewelry for women in the past (mother, sister, girlfriend). Personally, I would rather them say something like this to me than wear something they do not like! You have given your Mom a gift that she is grateful for no doubt - just because she has a different personal preference does not take away from that!


first! she's so ungrateful

When you give a gift like that you are supposed to say "you can exchange it if you don't like it" as soon as they first look at it. It is rude not to. It is childish to expect someone to wear a thing they don't like to be nice. You gave a gift, not a burden.

Sounds like a very considerate mom to me! She knew you didn't have much money and that the gift was a very important thing to both of you. I would have thanked my mom for such honesty—and been grateful she knew I wanted to get her something she wanted.

I agree with #14. This really isn't a FML, nor is it a YDI. You got her a gift, that was really nice of you. Unfortunately, it was something she didn't like and she politely asked if she could exchange it. The way you are making it is similar to buying a brand new pair of shoes for someone with no feet. Would you be mad at them for asking to exchange it for something they would get more use out of?

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props to the chick for being honest

I think the scenario was handled well. it's better for the receiver to wear something they like than to throw the gift away. also, the mom asked the son if he minded.

hey, don't be sad your a guy!!

At least she will pick herself up something she will actually wear,better then having it lying around in her room...still ungrateful thi!!

Op thought she would like it.

yeah, could have been said with more tact though

I agree. It's better the money is spent on something she will actually wear. That way it's money well spent.

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I know how you feel. My mom eventually pawns/sells everything I give her. Fyl.

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Look what it's done for the Wisconsin Tourism Federation!

like maybe you guys hav different taste

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So what! Seriously. So the **** what! People do that all the time.

imo not a big deal. you can't exactly tell beforehand if it matches her taste. let her exchange it, in the end you still bought her a bracelet she likes.

Okay, so your taste in bracelets isn't the same as your mother's.... It's not the end of the world. (& it's certainly not an FML!) She obviously appreciated the gift. Instead of whining about it, check out the bracelet she exchanges yours for & remember it as an example of her style. If you're old enough to hold a job, you should be old enough to understand the situation & shouldn't take it personally.

How is this an FML? Wah, mommy wanted a bracelet other than the one I got her.

Moral of the story? Buy gift vouchers

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Oh, well. It's the thought that counts.. Exchanging a gift is very rude though IMO.