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By  bayl  |  0

ouuuuch. that's harsh. I think #5 hit the nail on the head

#9's same thing happened to me. I said "hey mom I just called to say how much I love you" and she said "what do you want? more money?"

By  njbhgjnhnfk  |  0

Heh, yeah. Whenever I tell my dad I love him he just assumes I want something. Do you not tell her you love her often? Maybe it took her by surprise, might not be used to hearing you say it before she says it to you first?

By  fmlroxmysocks  |  0

Many people believe that when "I love you" is said too often, people take it for granted. One of my old teachers used to always brag that the first time she said "i love you" to her daughter was when her daughter got married. She then truly deserved it, and knew it came from the heart. My parents say it to me all the time, and i know they love me, parents naturally have a love for you. and thats a bit harsh, #17, don't you think?