By Anonymous - 15/12/2013 00:48 - Canada

Today, for my 18th birthday my mum gave me a black lace thong. I'm a guy. FML
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Would you rather it was a different colour?

I don't see how that's relevant, dahling. Now you can feel sexy!~~


Does your mom know you're a guy? Seriously though, just take it, laugh at it, and bury it in your closet. If she asks then you can tell her it didn't fit or something. But to wear a thong...I cringe at the thought of so many wedgies.

Your quick-post-to-edit skills are remarkable, dah'ling.

#8, I love how you call everyone dahling :D

#8 Lol yeah and I got buried. Maybe I shouldn't post when I drink.

well your post made Me smile (:

If everyone notices the first comment is at 10:03. And then he says that he "got buried" when he replied to #8 at 10:12. He couldn't be "buried," and then sober up in 9 minutes. Liar.

I love how people try to give advice and it turns out to be really shitty advice and then they make up some story about why they commented something stupid

#42 please show for me which part of my comment says that I sobered up? And it actually was getting buried since right when I commented I already had -8 votes. Maybe it's because people thought it was stupid, or maybe it was because it was #1 and in front of everyone. Nice try dickwad

I can totally picture a future FML. Today, my fiancée broke up with me because she found a black lace thong in my drawer. It was my 18th birthday present from my mom and my fiancée refused to believe me. FML.

Advice IS advice, good or bad or shitty, take it or leave it lol, yes this is advice

OMG you sir, are perf

42, he could still be under the influence of alcohol. He never said he was now sober.

Perhaps she gave it to you to show off & brag about a woman you had with friends?...

I don't see how that's relevant, dahling. Now you can feel sexy!~~

That's one way to look at it, I was thinking regifting maybe? Your mom's hinting to get a girlfriend OP.

I'm sorry, no more random sounds. Thanks :)

That is gonna look so nice on you! Your mom has taste

Man up don't let your mom down!

Troll mom strikes again!

Oh my..well maybe she was trolling you :')

or maybe it was an heirloom, passed down through generation.

This thong belonged to your great grandmother. I want you to have it, son. Happy birthday!

Would you rather it was a different colour?

Brown. Sexy and added protection/camouflage.

A nice shade of invisible would be grand.

It's a good luck tradition to wear either red (for love) or yellow (for fortune) undies on New Year's Eve. I always wear two pairs that day. :P And remember to eat your 12 grapes!(:

Oooh! You might get a bra for your 19th :D

You can only hope it's a matching bra! Gotta match the bottoms.

That's totally not creepy, at all.

Happy 18th birthday

Wear it around the house. Don't forget to thank her

Lol that's perfect