By Anonymous - United States - El Cajon
Today, I woke up to a small fire on my roof, burning up small twigs and branches. The cause? Last night, I threw a sparkling firecracker up very high, only to have it blown onto my roof by the wind. It's going to take $2,000 to fix the damage. FML
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  pieman528  |  10

I'll take that wager! Seeing as it was common sense not to do it the first time, who's to say he won't have the urge to say, "hey, maybe it'll work next time!"

  aswil  |  10

YDI, it's Karma for doing something stupid like firecrackers in a residential area... He's just lucky it didn't land on someone else's roof and cost him even more.

By  simoncat  |  11

Yeah...YDI. In the land of shake shingle roofs, we know all about how firecrackers/fireworks can be deadly. Trouble is, too many idiots don't get it,-- still. Adding you to the list.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

A smouldering piece of firecracker could have taken hours to set a fire, especially if it was damp outdoors. Fires can spread pretty quickly, but the type of roof is also a factor. Less likely to spread as fast on a tin roof - but once it found some kindling? Off it went.

My neighbour's roof caught fire last fall because the neighbour behind her was burning things in a wood stove in his yard (one he isn't supposed to have, according to by-laws) - a tiny spark landed in her gutters, which hadn't yet been cleared of leaves. It took about an hour for flames to show up - if it had been really dry, it could have gone up in seconds and taken the whole house with it. Luckily she was out in her backyard with the dog when it happened - she called 911 from her cell and grabbed the garden hose, managed to get the worst of it before the firefighters came.

But messing with firecrackers/fireworks in a residential area is a pretty stupid thing to do. Even if we're using sparklers to celebrate, we always go out to the road (far enough from trees/homes/grass) in case someone drops one or something unexpected happens.