By applesmama - 17/09/2011 04:36 - United States

Today, my daughter spoke her first words. Her dad had been practicing with her for weeks in secret. She crawled to me and said, "I poop." FML
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At least she's correct.

Shoulda been "Grab daddy a beer" ....he missed the opportunity


Smart daughter.

She officially has the intelligence of a parrot.

YourEvilHero 12

now is when you tell your husband he's changing diapers until she learns how to day mommy.

monkeys1315 0

Haha at least you no when she goes now.

13FTW 9

Tennessee... Figures.

Streeet_hayley 6


Next she'll say "I poop, therefore I am. "

JuggaletteKlown 0

What does Tennessee have to do with her husband being a dick?

At least she's correct.

enonymous 8

I was kind of hopping she would have been like that cartoon frog and put the top hat and cane on and start singing "Hello my baby"

You sir, are a genius

"hello my honey, hello my friends in style."

enonymous 8

Michigan J Frog reference

74 no man I'm thinking Bugs Bunny & Tweety show bro.

enonymous 8

78 - yep Michigan J Frog is the character from looney toons.

You sir, Are epic

Shoulda been "Grab daddy a beer" ....he missed the opportunity

crazychick1269 7

aha Win

Nahh he he shoulda taught her to say, go make daddy a sandwich.


@3: All that hopping must have gotten you tired.

enonymous 8

Thank you for catching part of the joke

Grrsom, you know you can just comment on the comment, right?

No grrsom is just that stupid!

mistersheezy 7

You should have taught her to tell him "clean me"

That sounds kinda pervish.

Dude, you're sick for thinking that way about a baby... and I'm pretty sure pervish is not a word.

Senior29 8

maybe he was tryina teach her "boob"?

The guy who thinks the preggo woman was testing her breast milk for poison, who is from pakistan

Senior29 8

lol m i being stalked?

Sabraynay 10

On the plus side, at least you'll know it was her and not the dog.

Her next word is gonna be pee.

Lol, that's hillarious! Hey, think of it this way, at least she'll have an interesting story to tell when she's older.