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Today, my brother's best friend spent the night and was changing with the door partially open. He's super hot and as I was watching him change, he sneezed. Forgetting he didn't know I was watching him, I said bless you. He called me a freak, slammed the door in my face and told my parents. FML
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You were a pervert and you complained that you got caught? You're a freak to the highest extent.


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20 dollars says OP would bitch and spaz if someone did the same thing to her.

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unless he was cute, then she probably wouldnt care...but at least this is a change of pace from all the guy creepers...she still deserved it.

I don't think you're in any position to complain about comment thread etiquette.

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I would care equally if an attractive guy creeped on me. OP, you are an awful, disgusting person.

The fact he is attractive may be even worse. Think about it -- why should he need to peek? If he peeks... wonder what other things he does... After all "Beauty always comes with dark thoughts" Not saying peeking = rapist; I'm saying he's probably done other creepy things. Don't judge a book by it's pretty cover, it could be a horror novel.

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We're talking about 63, not the actual FML.

121, i did, i happened to refresh right as they were posted. I called her a freak as she is.

You should have said. Oh! BOB SAGET! He would have thought you had tourettes and let you off the hook.

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The secret to hiding is to not let the other person KNOW you're hiding. YDI.

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@114 What you re saying makes sense, but I doubt the OP would think about all that. What i was trying to say is the OP seems childish/ young (maybe I am wrong, it just seems that way from how she wrote it, the fact that the best friend is telling her parents, etc). If the OP is childish and looks at someone she thinks is hot changing, then she probably would not mind if that same hot person watched her change. I m not saying looks matter, I am saying TO HER that might make a difference (it seems like a maturity issue to me) plus as 91 said...she is 14 and he is 21.

Well, if it were the dude OP was watching, yeah, but if it was someone else... If she really let's anyone she thinks is cute watch her, she really is immature. And sad and desperate.

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agreed, but she is 14 and watching this basically random hot guy who is 7 years older than her (who can be a closet pedo for all she knows), so it does not seem like she is very selective to begin with.

you ******* *****. get back in the kitchen make him some food, you ****

Why couldn't you have just HEARD him sneeze? Since when do you have to be looking at someone to hear them sneeze? Did you actually stay there staring at him while you said God bless you? Then, ok, you're an idiot. But if not- You could have just been walking by and heard him.

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You, my dear, are ******* scary. Don't spy on people, you must be 12 to do that.

@ #2 pictures? pov for the guy --///^--- -//( o o )---- oo0-(_)-0oo--

maybe that's because you are a freak

well how old r u?! I'd never do tht at my age lol

Pretty sure your bro's bff hit the nail on the head... Freak.

so if this was you, your saying you wouldn't even peak for a sec??? liar.

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dont think they care buddy...

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Remember: it's okay to watch people change as long as their hot... Oh wait, IT'S NOT!!!

"Hot" is perspective. Everyone can be considered "hot" to at least one person... well, actually, probably more around 1,000. Doesn't mean they'll meet them, but that's besides the point. So, by the "it's okay because they're hot" logic, we are allowed to peek at anyone we want, because somebody, somewhere thinks they are "hot." Your logic fails. It's not okay. Ever. Get some manners.

You think so? Why don't you go take a look around Google with the filters off, Rule 34, or any **** site for that matter. To someone, somewhere, everyone is "hot." Not even children, the elderly, horribly diseased, or morbidly obese are safe.

... not necessarily. yes, it is highly likely that everyone will be considered hot by at least one person on this planet, but obviously not definitely. what we feel attracted to differs from person to person and although there are 7,000,000,000 people to judge "hotness", there are 7 billion people to be judged. the whole fat elderly etc thing is basically based on fetish and personally i dont know if they find them hot as a person or if they just find that aspect of them hot - i.e an elderly fetish would be a fetish for people that look old or whatever, but its only really that aspect of them that the fetishists are attracted to. sorry if my spelling and grammar are shite, its half two in the morning.

Like I said, "hot" is perspective. That also includes how exactly that is determined; everyone is "hot" in some way, is what I meant. Natural physical beauty, enhanced features (clothing, make-up, fat, etc), intelligence, personality, and so on, are all things someone determines hotness by. The man who love fat chicks definitely finds them hot, even if it's just because of their fat. If they get skinny, then it's the man-who-likes-skinny-chicks' turn to find them hot. Some ladies find smart guys hot, but that doesn't mean he's going to be physically attractive, or his personality is going to be the greatest either, or that the girls' are even going to LIKE him... but they'll still find his witty brain hot. (I know some dumb twits who've dated abusive jerks just because they were heads of their classes, and "that's totally hot")

Kind of like... "But is it art?" To somebody, that shit smere on the wall is art, and to somebody, that down syndrome dude is way hot. But like I said, that doesn't mean they'll ever meet or know them. Sucks for them.

I was merely responding to others. The attractive scale wasn't my point. The point is that peeping is not okay.

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Wow! It's really THAT serious to you? Holy ****! Like 30 posts??? Lighten up, that's just ridiculous! OP-Oh well, sucks you got caught. Pretty funny FML

"I was merely responding to others." It's why the reply button exists, child. You need to lighten up for thinking it was all serious enough to get "OMG" about.

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I was talking about the crazy Amount of comments on this FML from you, child. Jeez, the kid got snagged checking out her big brother's friend. Big deal! It's one of those things that will be a funny story years from now. That's why I said lighten up.

Yeah, I know you were talking to me... or else I wouldn't have responded by quoting myself lol

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No, DGW is right and anyone fighting her is 12 years old, doesn't know what this is, and has no logic. Watch this video for some fresh perspective on the topic (it's funny and relates):

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when did the world jump up to 7 billion people i thought we were at like 5 2 years ago o.O

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How would you like it if someone spied on you when you were changing. You wouldn't. Him being hot isn't a valid excuse.

You were a pervert and you complained that you got caught? You're a freak to the highest extent.

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