By Anonymous - 02/08/2009 21:20 - Canada

Today, a moth was flying around my house. Annoyed, I picked up a shoe to crush it with. The moth landed on a light fixture on the ceiling, so I made my move. Dead, the moth slipped gracefully through air and onto my head. So did the light fixture. FML
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haha i love how you worded the FML. quite humorous.

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Lol, ow! I hope it wasn't a chandelier!

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haha i love how you worded the FML. quite humorous.

Think before you ever hit anything with a shoe.

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ouch... well..u killed the moth :)

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Definetly a winner here. Excellent pun. Also: `YDI for not thinking before swinging. Its a lamp what did you expect?

I MODDED THIS ONE AND AM HAPPY IT MADE IT because I totally wanted to say MAN YDI who the **** cares moths are cute you twit :c Watch where you're aiming, also. [edit] Well, as a man, guess you don't find many things "cute" - especially fluffy things. But, either way, it's just a moth.

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#10 do you know what a moth is? there not fluffy or cute....and what dose that have to do with him getting hit in the head with the lamp?.....which was way funny, the way it was worded lol great stuff

He got overly annoyed by the moth and it resulted in him getting hit. Read the FML. And moths are fluffy, have YOU seen one? Fluffier than butterflies and other insects, that's for sure.

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I read the fml i know he got hit with the lamp because he hit the moth. I was saying what does moths being cute or fluffy have to do with that lol. I think you might be using the wrong word not fluffy but fluttery. Fluffy things are like pillows or marshmallow fluff lol.......and fluttery things are moths and butterflys like you said lol hahahaha

Fluffy things are like kitten fur and down, too. Moths are fluffy in that aspect. I was just retardedly saying "moths are cute, don't kill them!" then retracting my statement because guys generally don't find things like moths, kittens, and down, to be cute. At least too cute not to kill, anyway. Sure would have a hard time killing down.

... Coincidentally, after replying to this, I went outside, and was promptly assaulted by a moth. He flew into my face, and then down my shirt. Well if that don't beat all lol