By katie - 23/08/2019 06:00 - United States - Chicago

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to try the ice cubes in the vagina thing we'd read about. He kept sticking one in after another and they got stuck. My vagina had a brain freeze for a half an hour. FML
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And what, pray tell, was this stupidity going to accomplish?

why wouldnt you just take a hot bath?


And what, pray tell, was this stupidity going to accomplish?

why wouldnt you just take a hot bath?

CoriCat 25

No offense love but that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. That show “Sex Sent me to the ER” had an episode where this lady did something similar (with a popsicle) and had horrible frost bite. Ice is NOT SUPPOSED TO GO UP THERE!!

wtf kind of stupid shit was this? stupidness at its finest

Gee, didn't you try pouring in hot, boiling water after the first one or two ice cubes to melt 'em instead? [Face-palm.] (Good thing they're not parents ... yet - hopefully....) Apparently, reading the fine print isn't yet a forte of theirs. Sheesh!

404wan 19

Seriously, anyone who's put their lips in a popsicle without licking it first knows the pain of getting your lips fronzen. Why the **** would you do that and why the hell would you just let him stick more than one up there? Like... What was the point of that? What's the objectieve in just filling you up with ice? Since there's no way to have sex... I guess the ice dispenser on his fridge was broken!

Sady_Ct 37

Buhahahahaha, my husband and I LOVE this trick, but we only use a cube or two at a time. FYSL girl.

Care to explain to the uninitiated what exactly that does for you & the hubby? I haven't heard of this before and it doesn't sound pleasant.

Sady_Ct 37

Sure, it changes temperature and thus it feels different. The heat vs the cold. It’s very pleasant but again only a cube or two at a time and be gentle.

run em through water next time then they won't stick

seriously. they got stuck? just push..

Retsilla 5

Unfortunately that won't work, the skin in that region is extremely sensitive and ice easily sticks to the skin there, much like getting your tongue stuck to an icy pole