By GlassPwn - 19/12/2009 05:01 - United States

Today, I walked into my room in only a towel. I walked in front of my brother to get to my computer. He said, "My webcam is on." I replied smartly by screaming, hugging the towel tightly to me, turning, and running straight into the glass door, dropping the towel. His friends saw and laughed. FML
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I don't understand why you freaked out. If you were covered up enough for your brother to see you, you should've been covered up enough to walk past a video chat. You'd be on screen for maybe a second, tops.


Why does her brother have a webcam in her room? That's creepy.

more importantly why is there a glass door in her room? Glass door = no privacy

#25 Probably because they're pretty young and share the same room, duh.

Their parents suck if they're that young and they have webcams and access to innappropriate websites like this one.

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OP: If you were smart, you would've passed running into the glass door as being apart of the joke.

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welll im not sure about this whole thing.... some comments say that her brother has a webcam in her room but its clear that he is on her computer in his room with the webcam on.... who the hell has a glass door in their room? and finnaly her brothers freind was lucky to see that, unless she was fat :/

No, it's clear that you're not reading. The op says "I walked into MY room." and the brother says that "MY webcam is on." So it would be much more logical to assume that they share a room and her computer is a laptop, which she came to get, only to hear that her brother on his computer has his webcam on. Glass door is still a mystery.

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I don't understand why you freaked out. If you were covered up enough for your brother to see you, you should've been covered up enough to walk past a video chat. You'd be on screen for maybe a second, tops.

She didn't freak out, she meant it as a joke from what I can tell.

#2... a) A towel is enough coverage to appear in front of family, but obviously not in front of random strangers over the internet. A towel is intimate and underwear-ish. You don't want to be seen by strangers that way. Especially if the chat keeps a video log that they may repost online later. b) OP wasn't even freaking out for real, she was joking and it didn't go well.

#43 a towel covers just like a tube dress and it's not like OP's privates were exposed.

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"pics or it didnt happen" isnt a serious demand, its a common meme used anytime something sexually embarressing happens to a female, he doesnt think there are actually pics he just wishes there were

Thank you for explaining that meme and, in the process, making it less funny.

It's kind of misogynistic and unfunny anyway.

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Shuddup and get back in the kitchen.

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I don't understand why you would freak out over wearing a towel. Unless you left body parts hanging out, the towel is no different from wearing a tube top (one that covers the midriff as well) and shorts in regards to what it hides. YDI for being an melodramatic bitch.

Yo, moron. Sexy lingerie covers you as much as a bikini does, yet it's acceptable to go out and be seen by tons of people at the beach in a bikini, while most people would feel displeased by the idea of being seen by the masses in their sexy lingerie. It's a social construct, but nevertheless still real. Towels are intimate and people will view a naked girl wrapped in a towel as something significantly more sexual than some chick dressed in a tube top. Even an idiot can understand that. But then, you didn't even understand that OP wasn't freaking out for real, she was making a joke that ended badly because she hit the door and actually dropped the towel, when she meant to just fake that she was shocked.

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Lol i don't understand why one, your brother was in your room. or two you would even walk into a room in a towl with your brother in the room? i would get in trouble for doing that.

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My thoughts exactly....weird that he's in your room, on your computer and on the webcam when he knew you were in the shower... and that's gross towels do slip off and you shouldn't be "going in front of your brother to get to your computer" if he's already clearly right there. Meaning you had to lean over him. Extra gross ydi for not having a brain and being a dramatic twit.

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and why would you need to get your computer in a towel? couldnt you wait until you were dressed?

um. yeah right. why was your brother's webcam on on your computer, in your room. also, no normal person would react like you said you did. either you're mentally retarded or this is fake

Now, before you go calling people mentally retarded, maybe you should use your own brain. Sometimes, siblings share rooms. And sometimes, each sibling has their own computer in the room they share. So, he brother could have been using HIS webcam on HIS computer in THEIR room. Maybe OP couldn't explain that within the character limit. But OP, why wouldn't you get dressed before using your computer?

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In Ontario, there are laws against brother/sister sharing rooms after a certain age. So if they were in their teens and sharing a room, child protective services could be called.

That is in Ontario though. The poster is from the USA, you can see from the bottom of the post.

Glad to see that it's not only Americans who think that everywhere else in the world is the exact same as where they live. There are stupid Canadians too, it seems.

Where the hell is it normal to have a glass door in your room?

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she could live in a two story house on a lake or a beach that has a balcony with a glass door. duh.

Many people have glass doors between the bathroom and the room. The OP could have ran back for the bathroom (a normal reaction in the context of the joke she was doing), but the door got in the way and it went downhill from there.

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Sorry....the word limit made it so I couldn't write my *computer room and *his computer... I don't see anything wrong with walking around my own house in a towel, because it's not like anyone other than my family could see me. And the computer room has 4 glass doors. It was supposed to be a joke, but I ran into the newly cleaned door and dropped my towel. So yeah. Epic fail?

You guys a ******* morons he was probably using his sisters desktop in her room maybe hes broke or he doesn't have one so his sister was nice enough to share. Use your ******* brains perverts

#20 She is young enough to be sharing her room with her brother, so they're most likely underage or even early teens. In other words, you'd be in a lot of trouble if you got interested in whether she's hot or not... Ew.

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Yeah..I'm 16 (: "jailbait" I guess

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you're not the op. the ops name is glasspwn. yours is different. stop lying. I may be wrong but I think you're lying to us