By thisisbad - 12/10/2009 14:21 - Malaysia

Today, I was in the toilet when somebody started banging on the door loudly. I panicked and immediately cleaned my self and opened the door. As I opened the door, my brother vomited all over me. FML
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How in the world did you fit in the toilet?


OuchThatsHarsh 0

How in the world did you fit in the toilet?

And on that topic, why is this in the Love section? Ewww....

Geez people - there are other parts of the world you know! And in those other parts of the world, different expressions and terminology are used. Shocking I know to such ignorant people as yourselves. Many places refer to the bathroom as the toilet, so saying you're "in the toilet" is the same as saying you are "in the bathroom". Get a clue.

Lol @ this being in the "love section" Y did u panic at some1 banging on the door?

You can find those kinds of toilets in the beyond section of bed bath and beyond.

Nice. But then that gives you an excuse to stay in the bathroom longer while he sits with vomit all over his mouth you can take as long as you want cleaning up as a way of messing with him.

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ahahaha . that sucks . icky .

*cringe* I probably would've vomited right back on him.

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This happened to me when I was 12. But it was my mom. And she was drunk. Terrible.

that really sucks! A shower perhaps would be in order?

To have your crotch puked on usually means you are receiving a particularly rigorous *******. You got screwed. Unless. . . ugh, I don't want to know.

Isn't that awful? I thought of that last part after I had submitted the original and during my 2-munute time window to edit it. Horrible!