By whymyroomthough - 06/08/2014 22:18 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I woke up because of a weird noise. Scared, I turned on my bedside lamp. I saw my older, 17-year-old brother peeing in my bedroom doorway. He was hoping I'd step in it in the morning. FML
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Quite the role model! Pee in his shampoo. XD

You better watch out! Looks like urine trouble.


Quite the role model! Pee in his shampoo. XD

how can a female pee in a shampoo bottle? xD

Ambrily 27

She could pee in a paper glass and then pour it in the shampoo bottle...

Even without a penis I'm certain a person can manage that.

I think pissing in his apple juice would be even better

how can a female NOT pee in a bottle? you do know how a womans privates looks like right?

#34 - no, he probably doesn't :P

What makes it worse is that #11 is apparently female and does not know this.

#36 lol you just made my day

Make him step in it.

Yeah good idea, considering he's their *older 17year old brother*

BlueFlatts 20

Why can't one take revenge on there older sibling?

BlueFlatts 20

the* Sorry grammar nazi's.

It should be "nazis" and not "nazi's".

ThexFroggyGirl 21

This is why they say girls mature faster than boys...

No a girl would just write a nasty Facebook post instead.

deathfyre8 13

Nice generalization there, #3. Not all boys are like that. I matured around when I was twelve. It depends on the individual person and I can see a girl doing this just as much as if it were a boy. Switch the word brother for sister and then I'd be able to comment "Boys mature faster than girls and this proves it" Also #3, you're one of the prime reasons why sexism still exists. *RANT OVER*

I'm pretty mature. :p

Actually, someone's brother taking a piss on the floor isn't why people say girls mature faster than boys. People say that because they do, usually girls will hit puberty at a younger age than boys.

HoloTheWolf 5

Obviously no one is saying ALL boys mature slower than girls, there ARE no absolutes in the world, but on /average/ boys and men do take longer to mature. That's why a woman will be ready for marriage are 22 but a guy usually won't be until he's around 26. It's just our genetic makeup. And no. A girl is not "just as likely to do that" it's disgusting and girls don't think that way, plus guys have a propensity for peeing on things, and girls don't. Also this is not sexism it's fact, just like saying most men are physically stronger than most women, that's not being sexist, it's fact.

#50 "it's disgusting and girls don't think that way." Generalizing all girls, the definition of sexism, not fact. I personally know many girls that would do that, or worse, as a prank.


Let the debate be on

Thanks for the stereotype. I know girls that do just as dumbass things.

That is pretty sexist.

#49, Puberty only indicates physical maturity not mental maturity. I know plenty of people who are past puberty and immature. So unless you are referring to physical maturity, you can't state that as fact

The bottom line is that scientifically, girls mature faster than boys.

There is always that guy who goes too far for a joke, guess her brother is that guy.

You better watch out! Looks like urine trouble.

That pun might piss people off

Even if they get mad, just remember you're number 1.

StillUsesMyspace 22

Oh crap, you used up all the toilet puns (t.p.)

All of you are my hero. I laughed so hard I almost peed in my own doorway. Stay puny everyone.

More like urine urine.

Guess you're pretty pissed off about it. ..Should I go?

Watch your step in the door way on your way out #6

martin8337 35

Better to be pissed off than pissed on, unless you're into that sort of thing.

That sounds like something my brother would do.. I hope he doesn't read FML's and get any ideas.

Wtf how can people be so gross!?

That's such a pissy thing to do.