By ToxicSuicide - 08/03/2011 06:47 - United States

Today, my babysitter called to inform me that my grandfather is stalking her. FML
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#1&5: I interpreted it as it was the mother's babysitter for her child(ren).


Ew. How's old are you, OP, that you have a babysitter?

she could also be 20 which could make the grandfather between 50 and 70 years

#1&5: I interpreted it as it was the mother's babysitter for her child(ren).

my brother is 13 he doesn't need a babysitter...

my brother is 13 he doesn't need a babysitter...

Some parents worry a lot and think teenagers need babysitters.

lol. teenagers probably do need them more than a 6 year old. for different reasons of course. now johny, put down the doobie and stop trying to touch that lady's tatas.

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dirty old men... gotta love em. OPs grandpa is my hero

if the babysitter was babysitting OP then he/she probably wouldn't need to call OP clearly it's OPs babysitter for OPs children

she's probably talking about the babysitter she hired to watch her kids.

She could also mean the person who babysits her children.

Her babysitter for her kids. I've heard teachers refer to their students as their kids.

He's flippin' switches for the bitches. Hook them up, OP. And give me your number. ;) Lol jks, my international call rates would go through the roof.

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someone is into the younger women..

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Not necessarily. What if OP is 25, her baby is...a baby, her grandfather is 80, and the babysitter is 81?

Or maybe op is an adult there has a babysitter for his/her child

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Why would your grandfather be stalking your babysitter? And if you need a babysitter, why are you on FML? Oh, the unanswered questions.

It was her children's babysitter, maybe.

well, majority of men like younger woman (before I get flamed this is from a study which asked what do you prefer) so that could explain grand pa wanting the baby sitter, and I took it as the op having a child and so they employed a baby sitter.

cause like, once you have kids you are like, totally not allowed on FML anymore!

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idk how much groove he can get on, lemons tend not to be to....flexible.

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Probably op meant her babysitter, as a babysitter for her child..regarding the grandpa..why everybody thinks he's into younger girls? maybe he's simply overprotective of his grandchild and wants to make sure that she's a legitimate person..

while that is possible I feel it is highly unlikely

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This is what I originally thought...

You mean you don't look out for the safety of your family and friends by attempting to **** random people in their life?

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leave the poor man alone ... hes probably lonely LOLL