By DusterOverBits - 23/09/2009 09:35 - United Kingdom

Today, I was home alone, and decided to do some naked cleaning just because I could. After half an hour of liberating nakie-dusting, I turn around to see my boyfriend and his best friend gaping at me open mouthed. His older brother however gave a creepy smile and the thumbs up. FML
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Did they sneak in the window or were you just oblivious? Either way, awesome wording. Win.

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I'm sure that his thumbs weren't the only things that were up.


very nice. u should start ur own company im sure lots of people would b happy for the maid to preform "nakie-dusting" haha. very very nice though

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Not nice if she's not hot, but if she is... nice!...I guess. BTW, YTDI. Bad for you, heaven for them.

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Unfortunately, it's usually the ugly fatties that are cleaning their house I'll have to give 4 thumbs down to this one.

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basing on the older brothers creppy smile and thumbs up, OP should be a looker

if I wasn't suppressing laughs then I'd lol 9#

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how is this an FML???you got a thumbs up.. I'm just wondering what the best friend was thinking.. maybe something like: I just saw my best friends girl friend nakie- dusting around the house... could help but stare... best day ever...

Did they sneak in the window or were you just oblivious? Either way, awesome wording. Win.

Well, now at least you know your boyfriend isn't the clingy jealous type ^^ More the sharing type apparently, beware ;) If, coming home, I found my girlfriend naked, I'd definitely prevent anyone else from seeing anything. Though I would enjoy the show myself :p

Make sure you get that dust under the refrigerator. You bend way over to get that. Don't bend at the knees, you'll hurt yourself, bend at the waist. Good girl, hold that, hold that. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh. Thanks, love! ;)

I guess I'm going to be a French maid for Halloween. Or in this case a naked maid.

Didi, Pix of the OP or of Toxi? I want the Toxi pix for sure, and if the OP gets around to it, I'd take a peek.

Haha. Ok. How much am I getting paid for this? I mean, you're both attractive, but why sell the cow when you can make people pay for the milk? Wow, I twisted that saying around horribly. Pics, huh? Here's a close rendition before I take real pics.

There was a comedienne whose mother criticized her slutty ways by saying, "Why would he buy the cow when he's getting the milk for free?" To which she retorted, "Did it ever occur to you, Ma, that the cow likes getting milked?" If you can take a picture like the one you provided -- Aaaaaaahhhhh.

Ahaha, that sums up my feelings. I can take a picture similar to that.. I think I'd have to pack on some pounds (of both fat and hair) for the role to take a picture exactly like that. Maybe I'll change my FML pic to one of my Halloween costume, with me in it of course. :)

I'm going for both, but if it is only one, I'd prefer Toxi's.

I'm flattered. Somehow, I don't get this same attention in real life.... >_> Anonymity = ballsiness? Or anonymity = hotness on my part? Meh.

im pretty sure bending at the back is what hurts you? bending at the knees is what you're supposed to do, but nice innuendo anyways ;)

Unless she has bad knees from spending so much time on them. ;)

Scotticus117, Ssssshhhhhh! You are right, but bending at the waist gives me a better view! Squatting is not sexy.

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Ditch the boyfriend. Go with the older brother.

Trust me, you've just made your boyfriend's year. Regardless of what you're actually like, the rumors of his studliness will spread like a California wildfire. Clearly, you're thumbs-up-able -- his best friend and brother are likely insanely jealous =). Kudos!