By iheartmorons - 14/01/2012 14:31 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend told me that he feels empty inside when I'm not in the kitchen. This is the most romantic thing he has said to me in the past two years. FML
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That's not very romantic... that's kind of rude, actually.


It sounds like he was just goofing around, not a serious insult or anything. OP shouldn't take it so seriously.

And you have put up with that for 2 years? YDI for allowing him to treat you like a doormat for that long. About time you put your foot down, girl. Or find a guy who actually knows how to treat a woman.

I've never actually known someone who says shit like that when they're adults. I know kids find it funny to say in school.... But douches like that have to learn to grow up. It's been 2 years, either leave..... Or make him your sammich-makin bitch >:3

Some men need to be trained to make their own food. If he's not trainable and full of demands, walk away.

he's getting pretty hot, you might wanna drop him.

2 years is a long time. how can you put up with that for so long?

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**** dropping him. Get a shotgun and blow his ass away

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85- Please continue your anger management classes. Doctors order.

Empty as in his stomach is empty. Needs moar sammiches!

Exactly. Oh well, must mean OP is a good cook, right?

Yes! She should be proud of her skills.

That's not very romantic... that's kind of rude, actually.

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I would consider finding a new guys, like one that actually appreciates you.

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A new guy not guys. Gotta love autocorrect thinking it knows best.

#33 I was merely stating that it was a bit sad if that was the most romantic thing he's said to her in two years. It must be pretty disappointing for OP if "I love you" or "you look beautiful today" weren't higher on the list than "I feel empty when you're not in the kitchen." Duh.

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Get in that kitchen and make me something besides angry!!!!

he probably feels empty inside because you aren't cooking him meals! get back in there and make him some food.

Why don't you shut the hell up and make me a sandwich???

If a guy thinks a womans place is in the kitchen, it's because he doesn't know what to do with her in the bedroom. That, and because he is a *******.

And you put up with him for 2 years? He sounds like a douchebag.

Easily solved Put a kitchen appliance in every room of the house. That way you're always in the kitchen! And you might wanna do something about the romance... Or do an even EASIER thing and just leave him for a woman.