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  zomgbies  |  17

I've got to say, when you gotta poo really bad. It's incredibly satisfying to release it. But it does suck that he used that sensation for engagement purposes.

  klorehore  |  24

haha, nah, I think it's kind of funny, wouldn't have bothered me at all :) sounds like he loves you a whole bunch, getting upset cause he didn't sugercoat it enough for you is a little drastic :)


I agree, I read somewhere that some MRIs or whatever have shown that the nice feeling you get when you drop a load is second best only to an orgasm. So basically, the boyfriend was just describing it more precisely than the usual "loving you is GREAT".
I mean, sure, it's not something you'd write in a poem, but come on. He probably isn't watching his tongue at all times, because he feels relaxed and well in his most intimate relationship, which is with his gf. At least there's a good chance he was being honest and not just using some empty sweet words that we've all seen so, so many times ("you complete me", anyone?)

By  TheTedster  |  15

That's pretty SHITTY! Anyone else? No.....? Ok.

  \  |  28

#45 - It should be "number of times," not "amount of times." "Amount" is used for something you can't easily measure, like light or air. Grammar Bog.