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Today, my boyfriend took me to dinner. There was a beautifully decorated table with rose petals and a huge bouquet and he told me he had ordered all this for me. I'd never felt so special. That is, until I had to get up for the couple whose table it actually was. FML
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Take the flowers and run.

How did he even think that would work out? As if the couple would see them at their table and apologize for intruding what they paid for?


Take the flowers and run.

Sell them on eBay. I hear the flower market is thriving in Zimbabwe

Wow really I mean dude

You know whats funny. Maybe he didn't have the money so the reason why he did it is to make you feel special even for a little bit. Also a story like that is... wait for it.... Legendary. I maybe the only one saying this but it is a very good possibility.

If there was wine, dump it on him :P

Don't waste alcohol. There are kids in Africa that are sober.

You should get him the new PS4... Box and put something in it so he really thinks he's getting one.

And before he can open it she smashes it with a sledgehammer

It's the thought that counts :)

ApollosMyth 22

The thought of him seeing an opportunity to lie to his girlfriend and proceeded to do it? Yea, great thought.

If he'd have given a second's thought to this plan, he'd have realised how moronic and deceitful it was. No thought shown here.

Give 3 a break, she's being sarcastic

perdix 29

#3, if only that were true!!! That's what you say when someone gives you an ugly sweater as a gift.

Thanks :) I was being sarcastic but I guess people didn't understand :/

At least he put some sort of thought into it...even though it was misguided

Volcan_fml 22

Not really, he's just good at making shit up quickly.

No, he really didn't. He lied to his girlfriend.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Yeah, he put some thought into it... probably took him about 2 or 3 seconds to decide to steal a couple's table but yes there was some thinking involved

How did he even think that would work out? As if the couple would see them at their table and apologize for intruding what they paid for?

Ah yes, just as you and your boyfriend are, the best moments in life are fleeting.

Well at least he took you to dinner?

DenBriZel 31

That's kinda messed up that he lied to you and got your hopes up like that..

One night you felt you almost felt special, aaaaand it's gone.

Omg, how embarrassing! I think I would have walked out then and there if my boyfriend told me such an outrageous lie!

bamagrl410 31

At least there's one girl here who isn't saying "at least he thought of you". I was starting to worry. Taking credit for someone else's caring & thoughtful date is not thinking of someone. He didn't plan it. All he did was make up a lie.