By sad life - 26/01/2012 06:23 - United States

Today, I realized my boyfriend is so seldom romantic that it actually makes me uncomfortable when he says something cute. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

Hopefully you don't have panic attacks when he tells you he loves you OP.

saIty 17

BF: If you were a booger I would pick you first. Op: o_o


midnightxloner 1

Sounds like you should spice up the relationship

Whatever happened to romance? It's not cheesy guys, it'll make your girl feel loved and special. DO IT!

It's not that easy 1. Some people are just like that. I have one of my own that's weird about romance. It's really difficult!

"My love for you is like the runs.. I can't hold it in!" :)

Is your ass from McDonalds cause I'm loving it!

Jakesterk96 8

You're the egg mcmuffin of girlfriends.

Yeah spice it up by putting him back in the friendzone. Maybe then he'll learn...

Maybe he's so seldom romantic because you get uncomfortable whenever he says something cute? Encourage the behavior with classical conditioning! Reward him with a "treat" whenever he acts romantically and he'll be sure to do it more often. All acting uncomfortable will do is dissuade him from the desired behavior.

sExxicHiCky123 0

Do you just fart? Because you just blew me away..

nonamericandolla 6
GovernorGeneral 8

Ehh shouldnt that make your heart skip a beat ?? Its so nice when non romantic boys have cute moments xD

Buttsexpirate 9

Hopefully you don't have panic attacks when he tells you he loves you OP.

At least he's not whining at you to have sex.

the word of the day is "Legs" wanna come back to my place and spread the word...?

You "keed"? Bloodmonger, are you Achmed's long lost relative?

I think it was something RWJ used to say.."I keed"

Who's Achmed and what the hell is 'keed'?

Achmed the dead terrorist look him up on YouTube

TSN619 7

Achmed is the coolest dummy from Jeff dunhams stand up comedy you should look it up

desireev 17
TexasMud 8

I feel the ops boyfriend would have to whine to get sex since he isn't a romantic

McAninch35 9

It's probably weird to put this on a comment and not a message, but I'm on the app so get over it people. Desireev your comments always make me happy! Whether they're funny or serious, they're always intelligent and well- written. So thanks! Just thought you should know.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Hey anyone here who likes creamed corn? Nobody on FML likes creamed corn :( btw i'm serious about this comment

saIty 17

BF: If you were a booger I would pick you first. Op: o_o

RedPillSucks 31

pedo bear uses that line to pick up girls at the playground.

Oh, and your "lame" comment was awesome

sorry OP but that doesn't sound like a healthy relationship....starting over sucks but unless you can spice it up, you might have to move on

That's HORRIBLE ADVICE! She shouldn't learn to "live wiht it". She should talk to him about it, not learning to get used to it, even though she said BOYFRIEND. What do you say to someone who is being abused, suck it up? Shit-***** only say this.

I agree with The A Teen: Why should OP learn to live with a perfectly correctable aspect of her life that she isn't comfortable with? It is her life to live after all, isn't it?

think tis over my friend, find a sexy stud you dont find crepppy (:

KiddNYC1O 20

Seriously, what? All I understood was ****.

Some men just aren't romantic. Maybe ask him to stop playing video games for 5 minutes and talk to you like a real person.

Or he should at least ask you to join in on the video games.

... I disagree with this gamers can still be romantic...

Llama_Face89 33

What the hell happened to that persons skull?

Llama_face, That's what happens when you get Doc angry, or should I say "blinded with anger and fury". Unfortunately, he takes it out on his patients. True ******* story...

Doc titanium plates in that girls head must've hurt :/