By Suicidal - 20/12/2009 22:40 - Australia
Today, I had a mental breakdown after going through severe depression for several years. I told my boyfriend that everybody thinks I'm useless, to which he replied, "No you're not. You cook me good dinners." FML
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  Tigg3r  |  3

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  chrisgllgs  |  0

i think i can honestly say i do not know any of those women O.o maybe some actors but thats it i also believe it was completely pointless to write all that down considerin noones gonna read it :) plus its gonna A. get moderated or B. get buried

  IgniteMe28  |  0

1. i love how - of all the billions of people who have lived on this planet - you can actually fit all of the great women who have lived in one list. i found that ironic and amusing.

2. and as far as the sports part of the list - you do understand that those women were only great athletes compared to other women? if they were being compared to humans in general, they would not stand a chance as far as greatness in athletics against other men.

By  jonnymohio  |  2

Not an FML. You sound needy and want constant affirmation of your worth. Your boyfriend (and you're luck you have one), just gave you a compliment. Would you rather he said "… and your cooking sucks too."?