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Today, I was coming home from a date, I saw my ex standing in my drive-way. He had dumped me 2 months ago saying he couldn't talk me. To make him jealous, I made out with my new guy before greeting him. Turns out he couldn't talk to me because he had had cancer and had been afraid to tell me. FML
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Oh..damn, that must've really sucked for ur boyfriend =(

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This is a little vindictive. If both of them take an understanding path, it should work out. The boyfriend was under stress, yes, but it is what it is, and he didn't tell her. She thought she was being destroyed, so like a human, she acted back toward it. What she did wasn't wrong in her situation, but when she learned of this, it became an odd event under certain circumstances. This is truly an FML for her.

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Are you really so afraid of intimacy that you can't just sit with your feelings for a little while? The level of fear in interpersonal relationships that is acceptable these days is absurd. You definitely deserve this pain.

I clicked YDI before I even read the bit about cancer, grow up

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:( thats soo sad YDI for being a bitch since when is it ok to make other people jealous

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She was hurt. Sure, maybe it was a bad response, but heck, she's human. Just think about how painful it would be if someone you cared for stopped talking to you with no explanation. Take a few minutes to imagine that situation and maybe you'll be able to give the OP the sympathy she deserves. :) @OP, I really hope you ignore a majority of these replies. You're not a ****, you didn't commit some hellish sin, you were just reacting.

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I wouldn't care and I'd have the most neutral face expression.

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Oh no =( That's terrible. But he should have been honest with you. I get that he may have broken up with you so as not to drag you along a painful process with him, but by not telling you he probably made you agonise over why he broke up with you so abruptly and made you wonder what you did to deserve it. I hope you're working things out..

EXACTLY. I feel bad for the both of them.

I also feel bad for HER because she must have felt pretty bad and confused for being dumped. I mean the guy just said he couldn't talk to her anymore not that he had cancer. That's why I feel bad for the guy who has cancer and the girl for not knowing.

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You shouldn't have been trying to make him jealous, but at the same time, he shouldve told you. Being so afraid to say it that you have to DUMP them to avoid it? That doesn't solve anything. He left you, and not the other way around, so even though he was probably hurt by seeing you with someone else, he couldve avoided it by being honest. I dont think this is really either a fyl or you deserve it. It kinda evens itself out.

True, and he's got worse things to worry about now than seeing his EX girlfriend whom he dumped making out with her new guy. Let's hope things work out okay for the both of them.

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agreed. it takes two to ruin a relationship, make it painful, and drag it out too long. both are at fault. not being able to be honest with you and tell u about his cancer means two things: 1) he had his best intentions for you. he wanted you to move on and find someone to take care of you. 2) he had some trust and communication problems. at the same time, i hate how you tried to make him jealous by making out with the new guy. it's rather...misleading to both your ex and your new bf. making you look somewhat sleazy. however, it's understandable that you experienced a lot of pain from being dumped and want to get back at him. hope you guys work things out!

Oh please, most of the people here would do the same thing (or something VERY similar) if they were in that situation. You get hurt, you want to lash back. It's natural. Be glad she didn't verbally destroy his ass like I would have had he dared to come anywhere near me after doing that shit. Anyway... I would have to say FYL. You obviously cared about him and he dumped you. Furthermore, he has cancer; that sucks for the both of you. Seriously. Add that to the guilt you likely felt for being so angry at him as to want to lash back, and we have on our hands an 'ouch' situation. Thank you, that is all.

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It's possible he cared for her so much that he didn't want her to love him more and more, then die from cancer. Judging by how childish the OP acted, he made the right choice. Then again with a monumental **** up like this, he could totally talk the OP into make-up buttsex.

I agree with #9. He shouldn't lied, but you shouldn't tried making him jealous- it will never have a happy ending. Hope you guys can talk it out (:

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He didn't lie, he was afraid and if she is trying to make him jealous means 1 of 2 things. She is a bitch and he obviously didn't fell comfortable talking about it with someone like this, or she still likes him to some degree.