By anon - 18/01/2012 18:29 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend referred to his penis as 'The Eye of Sauron'. It didn't help when he pulled down his foreskin, pointed it in my direction and said 'I see you'. FML
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This really doesn't seem as bad when you don't misread boyfriend as brother. Like I did.


And just think if he was circumcised he couldn't do that. HOORAY FOR FORESKIN!!!! :D

there's a movie called one eyed monster about ron Jeremys dismembered penis being possessed by aliens and killing people

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I will never again be able to look at Sauron the same way.

Is it because you be using your penis to look at him now 68?

Rip off his eyelids!! If ya know what I mean!!!**wink wink**

My boyfriend would probably do the same thing.... Lol I will never understand the mind of men...

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I just laughed my ass off reading this fml.

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Get braces and give him a circumcision yourself xD *in reference to a previous FML*

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"Today, I discovered that my boyfriend has a sense of humour. FML" Really, OP?

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I agree, he IS a keeper, no sarcasm.

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This really doesn't seem as bad when you don't misread boyfriend as brother. Like I did.

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Any guy who plays with his penis has issues. Call me half empty, but come on! This is making men look bad!

Wrong ^... I play with my penis all the time!

MichellinMan 20

27- so me slappin my penis around makes me have have issues...? crap...

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I think every guy "plays" with his penis.

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************ is completely different then pretending your dick is "the Eye of Sauron" if that's what your implying

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I don't see how a guy naming his penis, and messing around makes them look bad, most guys do it because they are bored, or for a laugh. What's wrong with that?

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I respect your opinion but I am just speaking mine. Why would OP post this as a FML if she thought it was funny. If your boyfriend did that would you be thinking "my boyfriend is so funny" because i would be thinking "holy shit i cant take my boyfriend seriously" it depends on the relationship i guess.

TexasMud 8

Who the hell do you hang out with

75 you weren't telling your opinion, you were making a statement.

76, I think the answer to that question is the Westboro Baptist Church...

75 - personally, i would think it was hilarious. but that's just me..

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It's too cold to play with your penis in Alaska, my opinion is biased I'll admit.

That's the funniest cutest thing I have ever heard lol

But seriously if a guy doesn't play with his dick their is something wrong..

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Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle - yeah!

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201- he used the right form of their. There means location. Their means possession.

GetHardOrGoHome 7

Nevermind:/ I am dyslexic and my mind rearranged the sentence..... Sighh

My wife calls mine by its god-given name. Krakatoa.

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Oh, I'm sorry. It could have been worse. Much worse. You do have my sympathy.

ah! one of those 'it's not funny when it's happening to you' thing eh!!

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Give him a surprise circumcision?

OP's boyfriend: Today, I while I was sleeping, I woke up to my girlfriend trying to circumcise me, FML

49- I would suggest not trying to make reverse FMLs or ones from a comment someone made. As people tend to say stuff like. 'Oh no not another one of those stupid reverse FMLs' or ' If you ever comment again I'm going to rape you'

72- The thumbs down, they're already here! *Runs away screaming*

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angelbabyg1994 0

Thanks 85! I've always wondered...

Alas that question will never truly be answered, as it stands for soooooo many things. Here are a few listed below: Orange Pineapple Optimus Prime Oprah's Penis Over Paris Over Par But it obviously doesn't stand for this foolish "Original Poster" you speak of. Duh.

mauguster 15

Not a problem :) and haha I like the list of "OP" possibilities

190 thanks I like to have some originality on my side.

Hey guys I have decided to start a day care centre for kids 1-3 if you want me to en-roll your kids just send me your address and pictures of your kid.....

Yep ICAT wants to show them them his 'Eye of Sauron'.

First tell me your address 17 I promise I won't call the police but think about it of you go to jail you will get more buttsex than your ass could handle. Until your sphincter tears and pops out looks like a big red ant hill. Ahhh I miss being a doctor and laughing at my patients

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30, I'd never want to be your patient.

30-no thanks I will just stick to DocBastard

Well luckily for you I'm only qualified to practice medicine in Iraq, Libya and Russia

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Can I sign up my older siblings for this "day of care"?

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Haha I've got the same personality as me

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not in his nature. his "eye" is real in his own world. I kill my penis "the bald avenger."

Why would you kill your penis?! You need that, you know.

MichellinMan 20

88- *call-my apologies. I would cut my own face off before killing the bald avenger.

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Well that stupid... If you're gonna post a pointless comment anyway, the least you could do is read over it.

You know you weren't thinking about her heart when you were pressing onto her chest ..

A long time ago there was a holy war of circumcised vs uncircumcised penis's on an FML like this one about a guy with retracted foreskin. Don't make sirin close the comments again >:(

There are only really a few demographics in the world who routinely circumcise; Jews, Muslims and Americans being the vast majority, followed behind at some distance by Australians and Canadians. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with circumcision, definitely not trying to start another argument about it, just attempting to correct the misconception that somehow circumcision is the norm worldwide; it's in the minority (around 70% of men in the world aren't circumcised, including the vast majority of Europe).