By igiveup - 21/06/2012 18:19 - United States

Today, I brought my girlfriend home for dinner. The first words out of my dad's mouth were apparently, "Ah, you must be Dan's slam-piece." I was in the living room and didn't quite catch it all, but I said, "She certainly is!" Now I'm single, and all my friends think I'm a bastard. FML
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Should've asked him to repeat himself

tatsmcgrath 4

Why would your dad even say that? That makes things akward!


Should've asked him to repeat himself

I wonder what OP heard in his head to have said "she sure is".

Bloody Dads. They are getting worse I recon...

22cute 17

You're Dad's the bastard, clearly. Is this the first time he said rude things to your date/GF ? Because if not YDI for failing to look out for her.

Clearly OP's dad was joking - not a great joker, sure - but it must've been the innocent agreement from him that made his girlfriend dumb his ass

Isn't OP's girlfriend a little too sensitive? Even if OP didn't realize what was said, it's probably a joke.

Another troll dad in an FML! Maybe there's a secret society for dads that teach them how to troll their teenagers. If your dad wasn't a troll, he would have tried to clarify or make a joke out of it and help you get your ex back. Good luck!

omgitsshorti 5

Ydi. Next keep your mouth shut, just in case.

Wondering why in the world this got thumbed down.

Because he was being humorous, not entirely a YDI.

Marcella1016 31

Because OP didn't deserve it, and how should he know to keep his mouth shut? All he probably heard was "Oh! So you're Dan's (mumble mumble mumble)!" He probably just thought his dad said "girlfriend". For his gf AND friends to not listen to his explanation ("OMG I'm SO sorry my dad is such a jerk! I thought he said girlfriend!"), and for her to break up with him over a miscommunication like that, he doesn't need to be with her anyway. She sounds like a drama queen.

Honestly, I kinda misread the FML and thought the dad was saying Dan's girlfriend was slammin', which is a compliment. So, Dan probably thought "Oh hey. He said she's slammin'. Better agree." I don't see this as a YDI; not at all.

Further to 70's point, this girl needs a sense of humour and learn to not take shit so seriously. If he constantly calls her this and treats her like shit then it's totally understandable, if it's a once off thing or something he only does when goofing around then get the **** over it. You can't expect your partner to always get everything right so she needs to try overlooking some of the stupid shit and not make a big deal out of nothing.

olpally 32

You should be sorry!!! How dare you cost op his girlfriend, you prick!

don't give up. there's plenty more slam pieces out there!

tatsmcgrath 4

Why would your dad even say that? That makes things akward!

DKParth13 5

Awkwardness when awkward is spelled wrong!

6 - You just answered your own question.

They may have the same friends, and she told them.

AshBop 5
AshBop 5

I find it quite amusing that nobody has heard the term "slampiece" before. Maybe I just spend too much time reading Total Frat Moves....

lukep135 6

The same thing kind of happens to me when someone tells me something and I didn't quite catch it, so I just smile and nod. Turns out it was a question

MeLuvBewbs 7

What does that even mean...

RedPillSucks 31

That comment goes well with your profile pic

hockeyoceancity 13

41- The profile picture is of Snooki, saying if she had the brain power to think, it would be blank. She is the defination of everything disgusting.

Yes 74, I believe that was/is the point. No need to explain who snooki is.

12- just think about it for a bit. You may have to put your mind in the gutter while you do this, to get an accurate meaning.