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Today, the airport security guard told me to lift my fat rolls so he could finish patting me down. FML
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Time to do some good ol' fashion exercise... Put your hands up to the ceiling, bend your knees, and touch your toes. Do your daily exercises, you're gonna look like skin and bone. :)

Were you too big to fit through the metal detector too?


ArtIsResistance7 1

Time to do some good ol' fashion exercise... Put your hands up to the ceiling, bend your knees, and touch your toes. Do your daily exercises, you're gonna look like skin and bone. :)

exactually! you think skinny people just happen magically? well, sometimes, but most of us have to work out and diet constantly. you should try it sometime op. this is an f the airport securties life.

Losing weight is actually harder than staying at a constant weight. They have to put in extra exercise in order to lose the pounds rather than a casual 30-60 min like most people do. Although if you look at it, how they gained weight and how much work they put in to lose it seems to balance out in effort.

p90x will melt the fat off like butter if you stick to it and don't bitch out. oh and don't eat the butter lol

allen20 0

why do arabians wear those towels on their heads? cause they hide their bombs in there haha xD

airport guard: Hey! this lady's got a bomb in her fat roll! oh wait.........nevermind, it's a jelly doughnut.

:O you had time to type all that and still get first? goodjob. anywho; it's your own fault op so quit looking for sympathy. :P

gross. can you even fit through the metal detector?

pingpongpickle 8

at least you have an 8 pack...of fat rolls

spaceboyftw 0

well duh, did u expect him to lift them himself? that would be gross

OP--I want you to think about how many calories it takes each day just to maintain your weight. STOP EATING SO MUCH!! Fat-ass!!

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16 p90x does make u lose weight fat. I used to be obese when I started and now I'm just 11 pounds overweight. this pic is when I was obese. I am 5'8, 15 years old and weigh 184. I used to weigh 204 bfore o started.

21 - I'm going to completely ignore your racist stereotype and just reply with this: "Arabians"? "Towels"? Really?! Ugh. I can't see your profile from my app, but please tell me you're not American. -.-

Look on the bright side. I bet a doughnut fell out for you to snack on.

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What did his comment say Jane? And by the way go on safari, to the fml website and you can check ou 21's profile if you wished to go to the trouble.

pingpongpickle 8

it said, why do Arabians wear towels on their head? to hide their bombs

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today, I had to search this fat ass and was forced to make them lift their fat rolls. it smelled soo bad. wish I hadn't lost that bet. fml

I suppose it's time for you to lose weight then, eh?

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p90x will definitely work if you're beast enough to do it. however it's pretty intense so most people dread doing it and give up. it's better to find something you actually enjoy doing and works for you. just my advice for anyone trying to get in shape. congrats #70 for actually sticking with it

all you guys are so ****** up. maybe op can't help it, maybe its a sickness. stop being so mean kuz karma is going to come back to haunt you.

that will NEVER be me. gym everyday, 2 hours a day.

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thanks #101 it is very tough but I got used to it and I enjoy it

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today, I had to tell a lady at the airport security that she had to lift her fat rolls so I could finish patting her down. FML.

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more like **** his life! he had to touch ur nasty fat rolls.. sorry thought.... that wuldnt have happened if you worked out!

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i've done the ab ripper. I do my own thing though cause I'm trying to gain weight

lonesomeXheartbr 0

I've seen the other videos though and have borrowed parts from them

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oh cool it looks like you're gettin big muscles, for me it's impossible to intake 180 g of protein

Chris: I'm not going to get moderated myself by repeating it, but if you put the words Arabian and towel together with the subject of airport security, you can get the gist. I use Safari often to PM, check modded comments etc., but I wasn't going to go through the trouble for that inane comment.

**** TSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is BS they never ask any1to do that its illegal....

don't they have one of those scanners that see through your clothes? or is that just in Toronto?

haahahahahahaha lol this made me roflmao :D

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p90x is pretty hard I am on week nine. and I am not 100% sure but I have never heard of an illness that prevents you from loading weight... so yes it is their fault. and 145 no it is not illegal, or it would be very easy for Americans to smuggle anything on board a plane (I am an American, not being insulting just saying we have a whole lot of fat people)

how much do you weigh... 300. how much do you fail? OVER 9000

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That's really gross...and unsanitary.

Wow... You guys are so rude, do you realize how hard it is for fat people to live?? It isn't that easy to lose weight depending on your body.

122 Why would anyone want to take in 180 g of protien. im not even sure if that quantity is beneficial in any training routine. but then again pro body builders are a league of their own.

try to go for a jog.....if you can last long enuf lift some weights if you want.OP BTW quarter pounders don't count.

Actually CF can give you problems with weight gain. My friend has it. She is skinny as a stick and has to drink high calorie fatty milk shakes every morning for breakfast and such. She actually loses weight when eating ice-cream and they even had to insert a g-tube a few times =/ and OP A male security guard would not be able to "pat you down" because it can be considered sexual harrassment. I dont know if it is different if it was a female security guard though.

Were you too big to fit through the metal detector too?

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hahahahahahahahahahaahaha aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaahahhahahahaahahaha THAT IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT I'VE HEARD ALL WEEK!!!!

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bahahahahahahahaha lmao rofl omg this is so funny

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Lose weight big time !! go to your doc just in case

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sirin is a b!tch. let's see if this is moderated. :)

all the fatties on here looking for sympathy make me sick. if being fat upsets you, you should put down the big mac and go for a ******* run or something.

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Many people suffer from obesity because of a medical condition, bitch.

For the skinny jerks with stank ass responses go the fatties a favor shut the hell up no all fatties are fat due to fast food maybe your skinny ass need to gain some weight.

No "Some".... Your argument is ridiculous. You're basically saying that we should condone unnecessary obesity because a few people can't help it... This is like saying we should condone cursing in churches and daycares because some people have Tourette's!

Lol stereo typical much? Just please gtfo you stupid bitch

ydi. no one who is that fat has the right to bitch about it. you don't just wake up 300 pounds

Arsonnist 3

Did he find anything in there? And also did he really call them fat rolls?

Lol really? You must be a dumb person. Everyone has a different body, half the time people that are bigger tend to have slow Metabolisms, thyroid problems etc. so before you go bitching and judging actually know what the **** you're talking about and stop being a judgmental bitch:)

did he also roll you in flour to find the wet spot??

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no offense but lose some weight fatty

Go **** yourself you dog. Low life piece of ******* judgmental shit.

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Dude; you would think you would be working out instead of sitting here posting an FML?

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your hair is amazing just an FYI.

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too much eyeliner...lord I wished it would rain where u at teach it stupid ass how to put on makeup

MarkerofMagic 0

who cares how much makeup some people use. it's how they express themselves. they don't care what people think of them. If you don't like it. who cares. so please shut up and let them express themselves.

Thank you, pendatik, for once again saving me the trouble. :]

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I agree that is a crapload of makeup but if she wants to express herself like that it's her decision

monstermegz 0

I also agree with pen it is a bit hypocritical

Besides 98, I doubt it's all eyeliner. Usually eyeshadow, lots of mascara and false eyelashes are involved in a look like that. And she may not wear it all the time; I certainly don't wear red lipstick often!

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lose the weight and stop complaining.