Wrong sort of poking

By Anonymous - 22/09/2013 05:40 - United States - Brandon

Today, my boyfriend got out of the shower and tried to hit my forehead with his penis. He slipped and slapped me in the eye with it. FML
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that's a dick move.

Maybe his one-eyed-snake was trying to find a partner? :P In any case, you should put ice on that OP!


Maybe his one-eyed-snake was trying to find a partner? :P In any case, you should put ice on that OP!

Eye think you should probably get your eye seen to ;)

a eye for a eye?

It's just eye to eye contact.

that's a dick move.

Quite a talented move, too. I mean, unless she was kneeling down or something, he would've had to jump high enough to stick her. I'm seeing a great illustrated FML here.

She just got 'dick slapped'

What a dickhead.

cgart96 15

Maybe he's black and it can just reach up there.

#36 i am laughing so hard at your comment

oh really I would have never guessed

Such a bellend

Look up swaffelen...

people do the weirdest things these days. lol

I bet men have been slapping their partners with their johnsons since the dawn of mankind. Just now we got social media to get the word out there a little more quickly and efficiently.


She's gone all cock-eyed...

I need the follow-up of this FML XD did you just laugh it off after?

tell the later story too

seriously bro? she got her eye poked by a penis and you wanna know what happened later? :p

i got minus 3,you got minus 5 hahahahah

Therefore your argument must be valid because you won the popularity contest. Good reasoning.

#81 Now you've got minus 13 and he has plus 1...

A for effort though.

D for success

Must have been an ego boost for him. I'll bet most guys want to be able to claim they can injure someone with their penis. And here you were tearing up from the sheer force of it! :)

I'm sure eye couldn't give less of a fuck

Pun was acceptable but a bit negative for my taste.

Hope you don't get pink eye, op