By terrified - 18/01/2012 19:02 - United States

Today, out of habit, I said "See you later" to a creepy old male customer who stared at my chest the whole time I was serving him. His response was to wink and say, "Oh, you will." FML
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I'm a cashier and this 35 year old man (he made me guess his age) was like "how old are you?" and when I said "18" he said "old enough." So I feel your pain.

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Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing! *forever alone*


be nice to the old man.

If anything she should be flattered that she has a nice rack

Why should she be nice just because he is old? Respect for the elderly is only ok if they treat you with respect back, which he clearly wasn't doing if he was staring at her rack the whole time.

But ida was a really nice rack... He had no choice

Grandpa's up to no good

Maybe OP was just wearing something ridiculously revealing like most girls do these days.

Hey! I'm not a man!

He probably has candy... Be nice to him!!

**Man stares at breasts** Op"ok, see ya later" Man**winks**"ok, you will" Op"oops, I mean have a nice day!" Man"oh I have!"**Winks** Op"oops, I mean Fuck you!!" Man"I will"**winks** Op"I GIVE UP!"

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@ 62, That's a horrible stereotype. I get hit on all the time - hell, I got hit on today - even when I'm all bundled up in a coat and boots; no revealed skin whatsoever. And I don't consider myself as attractive, either, nor do I dress like a tramp. Sometimes people are just assholes. FYL OP.

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54~ Then you'd be dead, genius.

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Oh hush dear

Especially if your boobs refuse to stop staring at his eyes.

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Not only did you waste a comment but you failed horribly. Congratulations.

No I was first to say YDI I also typed it first but this is my iPod which is slow so back off dude

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Second dumbass...

Even if you are first, saying so is stupid...want an award or something?

hotPinklipstick 24

Exactly ^^

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Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing! *forever alone*

I will too!!! ;)

Oooh baby ;)

Pedobear goes for people over the age of 12 now? Who knew

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4-I like how you say your a "potential rape victim" on your profile ;)

43-No I'm baby sitting

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51-My momma says I'm not aposta get in a car with stwangers, but you haz candy so you gotsta to be a good persons. :)

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Well, a promise is a promise

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Kinda like "see you in hell"

I'm a cashier and this 35 year old man (he made me guess his age) was like "how old are you?" and when I said "18" he said "old enough." So I feel your pain.

People these days, creepy as fuck! :S

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Sadly, he was right.

Being a creepy old man is my life time dream

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Well you're right on track, 108.

Ewwww, lol i believe tht most women/grls feel the pain, men can get rather "LONELY" after a certain age lol, im a cashier as well, nd i had one old man bringing me pink roses everyday(how he knew my fave color was pink,i do not knw lol)

When I moved out on my own I had a new, lonesome, elderly neighbor. He was so nice. Some times I made coffee and we'd drink and talk in front of my door. One morning after I had breakfast he came knocking, wanted me to join him for breakfast out. Since I already ate I decided to just make him something. While we were talking he led the conversation somewhere rather extremely creepy. He told me he likes to be alone with girls, and how beautiful that I am. 0_o avoided him ever since.

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Congratulations, you just earned a new regular customer.

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same here ! the people that come in to my work have no shame in letting you know that you just became their new eye candy. so gross -.-

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Why don't you take that as a compliment! Being beautiful is nice

bizarre_ftw 21

Being stalked is not

I think you're in for a promotion.

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Be afraid, be very afraid.. O_O

You will see him in your wildest dreams :P.