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By Username - 24/02/2010 15:06

Today, as I was in the middle of giving my boyfriend head, he looked at me and said "Eat that cockmeat sandwich." He seriously thought it was a turn on. FML
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sugarbabyxoxo 2

lmfao! Harold and Kumar quotes! ahahahah

hahaha. fyl op. but he is a funny guy. you should find a better quote to pull on him if you make him go down on you


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bleedinginside 0

bite his sandwich off

lol. i bet your bf is greek and gives massages. see the post from 2 days ago

get over it :)

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ringmybell_fml 0

fail, you're 34

ringmybell_fml 0

i be up in the kitchen, making cockmeat sandwiches.

snickerfudles 0


LMAO #20

I thought that was a turn on.

Jrook 0

@38 I'd say that is sexy but it's sounds very much like you're dismembering people

LOL.. Harold and Kumar ftw..

Enoch134 0

38 merry me

vrock 0

no brydd she was giving HIM head which mean a bj dumbass

elchiclebubalu 2

Harold and kumar. lol best movie ever

Boygenius50 8

How merry are you? It's marry you dumbass

yoourface 0

so did you eat it ?

so is OP guy or girl..? could be either one.. but didn't say..! :?)

way does ftw mean?

lol was just about to say that

extra mayo, bitch

71 not 74

dude247 0

@ does not mean and or number retarted ppl

papichulo1411 0

can you give me one???

yur eyes are closed

papichulo1411 0

"ring my bell" let's hook up!

rennobeinna 0


"Eat that spicy taco!" XD

fizzymonsterman 0

in soviet russia cockmeat sandwich eat you!

Is his name Big Bob?

Draeven_fml 0

please don't let it be big bob

haha gross

kniickles 0


his favorite drink is steak.

ewwww nasty!

sugarbabyxoxo 2

lmfao! Harold and Kumar quotes! ahahahah

blake10w 0

great movie lol

Oh! I love that movie. the part where kumar's ****** the bag of weed's hilarious!

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@26 yes! hahaha


hahaha. fyl op. but he is a funny guy. you should find a better quote to pull on him if you make him go down on you

Colin466 0

something like ... lick those beef curtains!

beer01 0

hahhaha! I think that would just make me laugh. 

CooLbEAnS1096 0

Eat that bean taco!

that's hott

no 26 is hot

gDwane 0

yur mustache is hott

That's nasty!

blaaaaakely 0

what a gentleman

nickforthewin 0

I agree

perdix 29

No, blaaaakely, if he were a gentleman, he would have said, "Eat my cockmeat sandwich, please" or even better, "Would you kindly do me the pleasure of eating my cockmeat sandwich, if you please?" You can learn these things at the Junior League. Btw, I love the downshirt photo ;)

lolerrrz (first part)

blaaaaakely 0

bahahah. you are quite the gentleman yourself, perdix! ;)

haha but u still ate it right???

I bet she did with extra mustard and mayo too

Tell him you got food poisoning and that you have to stop. Later tell him you're allergic to all forms of "cockmeat" so you never have to do it again

not this^

woooooooooow 

purplemnm 9

^ that

The other white meat.

the vegetarian speciаl

Fuckin' hippie!

purplemnm 9

free love