By Anonymous - 15/01/2013 00:21 - Canada - Corner Brook

Today, my boyfriend gave me lingerie from Victoria's Secret. He then added that his mother picked it out. FML
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zingline89 18

She also tried it on for you to make sure it was nice and comfy.

hockeychicl003 6

he should have kept that last part a secret haha


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hockeychicl003 6

either or way your boyfriends parents would know what your lingerie looks like...

alstbv12 13

I'm not sure how your comment "could been worser"

Because women at least have a sense of style

#77 he was referring to the fact that you said "could been worser". That's just sad that you wrote that and failed to pick up on someone making fun of you for it. Just because "women have a better sense of style" doesn't make the whole "my mother picked out lingerie for you" thing any better. That lingerie is tainted and if the boyfriend is okay with her wearing it, that's weird.

hockeychicl003 6

he should have kept that last part a secret haha

xAttackAttackx 25

Yeah, he should have left that with Victoria.

iOceanus 18

21: Yes, this is a matter of utmost seriousness! Exclaiming is to be expected!

Obviously it was OP, why elese would she make an FML?

Yeah, but did his mother pick it out for herself and he was like "oh yeah that'll look good on her too" ergo making the FML about how he saw it on his mother and thought it would be good on her.. Or how you're interpreting it..

zingline89 18

She also tried it on for you to make sure it was nice and comfy.

And then she bought a pair for herself.

robo_thunder 13

And that situation just got a whole lot worse, every time he sees his gf in those lingerie, he will remember his mom has the same. You evil geniuses know where that idea leads to, I will leave the rest to you

ninjuh_wingman 29

Better than saying he bought lingerie for his mom.

maybe he doesn't know how to shop for stuff like that

hockeychicl003 6

he's basically getting a gift for himself though so he should get what he likes not what his mom likes

How hard is it to shop for himself? He's the one that'll be looking at it. How weird is it that his mom knows what turns him on. Ewwww.

Some women enjoy feeling sexy so it is a gift for the girlfriend too. Doesn't make it any less creepy.

Ya, but I always feel like a pervert in stores like that

I agree, maybe the bf has never bought lingerie before and really wanted advice. Perhaps he asked his mom so the OP wouldn't be jealous

you're never gonna be able to wear it without thinking "his mom picked this up and thought 'this will look great on her'" FYL OP

I still dont get it... At least he got something for you.. As for her picking it out well... maybe he just trust his mothers opinons.

It's just a tad bit creepy whenever someone's mother picks something out because they know it's going to turn their son on and also knowing full well that he and his girlfriend will be boning directly after.

14, I like your wording, lol. Maybe his mom is really open to that kind of matter. But the notion of his mom helping him picking out some lingerie that might turn him on, still sounds weird.

Unless it was awful, it means your boyfriend's mother likes you.