By Anonymous - / Tuesday 15 January 2013 00:21 / Canada - Corner Brook
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  Peachy2392  |  26

#77 he was referring to the fact that you said "could been worser". That's just sad that you wrote that and failed to pick up on someone making fun of you for it. Just because "women have a better sense of style" doesn't make the whole "my mother picked out lingerie for you" thing any better. That lingerie is tainted and if the boyfriend is okay with her wearing it, that's weird.

  23Z9TZO  |  18

No shit?

  darth_luke  |  8

Yeah, but did his mother pick it out for herself and he was like "oh yeah that'll look good on her too" ergo making the FML about how he saw it on his mother and thought it would be good on her.. Or how you're interpreting it..

  license2chill  |  5

And that situation just got a whole lot worse, every time he sees his gf in those lingerie, he will remember his mom has the same. You evil geniuses know where that idea leads to, I will leave the rest to you

  Norvi  |  26

I agree, maybe the bf has never bought lingerie before and really wanted advice. Perhaps he asked his mom so the OP wouldn't be jealous

  Myo_fml  |  20

It's just a tad bit creepy whenever someone's mother picks something out because they know it's going to turn their son on and also knowing full well that he and his girlfriend will be boning directly after.

  license2chill  |  5

14, I like your wording, lol.

Maybe his mom is really open to that kind of matter. But the notion of his mom helping him picking out some lingerie that might turn him on, still sounds weird.

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