By Godsfavourite - Australia
Today, I got kicked off the train because I refused to stand for an old lady who wanted to sit down. There was an empty seat right next to me. FML
Godsfavourite tells us more :
The train had those seats that run parallel with the walls of the train, not the window and aisle seats. And I tell you know that the lady was just one of those people that looks down their nose at most youth. I was in no way disrespectful to her and when I pointed out the seat next to me and she went and told the security guards that I refused to stand up for her. It's messed up, man. OP
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  kareltje  |  17

#1 and #43.
Read that a few times, OP.
This is not about you or about the empty seat. It's about respect and the basic principles of social behaviour.
And you expected the old lady to squeeze in between and crawl over you to get to the empty seat? You twat...

  monnanon  |  13

maybe the other seat was as easily accesible as the one the old lady wanted to sit in. Could have been the woman had a thing where she has to sit in a specific place and Op had chosen that spot. I doubt OP woouldnt have slid into the next seat out of pride.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

1 - Because she wasn't necessarily sitting on the end seat. My guess is she was sitting at the window seat and it's easier for an elder to get out of an aisle seat than a window seat.

  FreakoHolm  |  6

STupid old hose bag, couldn't she just have sat down. Why should someone else give away their seat when there're seats available? I'm on OP's side here

  KyriosX  |  1

Lol I agree with OP to an extent, I say the for the first bit it's ok but by the time that people start talking and the bus driver is asking you to get should move and 7 I zoomed in because of angel beats


i don't understand why people think that the seat next to the OP was the difficult one to get to. it's obviously a FML because it wasn't and the old lady was th stubborn one.