By Micmicmic - Belgium - Brussels
Today, my mom let my younger brother borrow my car. He managed to crash it through the garage door. While I was in another country. Somehow, I manage to get berated by my mom because I'm not doing enough to make my brother feel better about him having an accident involving my car and my house. FML
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By  circean  |  5

Look up parental narcissism. I was blamed for my 15 year old sister getting pregnant while I was living in another country. I feel for you. I hope insurance will help.

By  Brightbulb  |  39

Maybe you Mom needs to learn that you having to file a claim on your insurance is going to haunt you for years on your premiums, insurance consumer score and, and even your consumer credit history. I wouldn't let it be water under the bridge either, she made the decision to let your brother use it, he made the decision to run it into the garage. While you made neither decision, and you are the only one losing anything in this. Make them both feel like doody for this, and I would try and get some reimbusement from them, at least for you deductibles.