By soapysoap - United States
Today, I received an early Christmas gift from my boyfriend of ten months. It was soap. In a few days he will be receiving his very expensive specialized car horn he has wanted for years, while I will be enjoying my new bar of Walmart brand soap, which has already begun to give me a rash. FML
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By  not_my_life  |  0

I could see if it was one of those fancy soap/lotion etc. gift packages. I'd be more concerned that he wants a specialized car horn, that sounds pretty lame to me.

By  TomasT  |  0

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  avoidthegirl  |  6

But a bar of fucking SOAP?! I don't think she should've spent so much money on a guy she's only been with for ten months, but I think the guy is a douchebag for thinking his girlfriend is only worth a bar of soap.

OP, just return the horn (if you can), buy your boyfriend a bottle of bodywash and call it even. If he bitches about it, tell him to STFU and be greatful that he got bodywash instead of a bar of soap :)

  harmony88  |  0

I sense hyperbole.... it may have been Wal-Mart soap, but it was probably one of those prepackaged gift deals rather than a literal bar of equate soap. Or maybe she misinterpreted the gesture entirely and it's not a gift at all.

Also, it's kind of lame to *expect* gifts from others..... that's really not the point of the holiday at all. It's nice to receive them, but not mandatory.

  nomadxx7  |  0

How much thought does it take to be THOUGHTFUL? One would think an SO could know what you like and don't like in that time frame. Personally I don't understand people that stay with their SOs that seem to have holes in their heads. Hell I buy small gifts for my girlfriend just so she knows I'm thinking about her. I mean it doesn't take all day to figure shit out just things you see in your daily life that may possibly put a smile on her face.

In the end dump these idiots. There are guys/girls out there thoughtful enough to not be douchebags like OPs boyfriend is.

By  not_my_life  |  0

I could see if it was one of those fancy soap/lotion etc. gift packages. I'd be more concerned that he wants a specialized car horn, that sounds pretty lame to me.

By  mplsmech  |  0

holy moly... walmart, cheap soaps, rash, expensive car horn. Well I'll be a bulls ankle if this ain't straight outta alabammy! darn tootin! Lesss gets us some coon skin caps and start plannin a weddin cuz this sounds like a match made in hog heaven!

By  justbeme  |  0

dump him. wait and see if you get a better gift, but if not, dump him and dont feel bad about it. if this is what you get in the beginning, it's not going to get better. girls want to know their thought of, adored and cherished. thats just how it is, it doesnt make us selfish or greedy. your boyfriend is an oaf.

  mattiej  |  1

What is wrong with you why would you say dump him just because he got her soap does it not matter what she actually thinks of him or just because he got her soap you have to say dump him you are a retard

By  Flutist  |  3

Cheap soap? Some of the Christmas stuff is cheap, but it still smells nice. Well some of it. I am not sure what you expected Mrs. Thing. At least he tried I guess? But you need to not give him the horn. You already exchanged gifts? Its not x-mas yet. So time to say, shit, I gave you my brother's (insert male family member with ghetto car) gift instead. HEre is your ramen.

Boyfriend: but I thought you got me the horn! I wuz wantin' that since I lost my first tooth in a bar fight.
Op: Sorry, I gots it for mez suga daddy. You's need some soap too.
Boyfriend: I hate you!
Op: I bought you the MIley Cyrus CD you wanted for the horn.
Boyfriend: I love you like my first cousin.