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By  InnocentRainbow  |  0

All you people saying at least you got a present obviously don't understand women. We don't want something that you gave your ex, we want something that you picked out for us, even if it's cheap, if you picked it out just for us it makes it extremely special and meaningful. Giving a woman something you gave your ex is basically saying we aren't special to you. FYL OP. You need to have a talk with him.

By  Ajjas013  |  6

So you're mad at him for recycling?


Someone's going to moderate this comment and delete it, so there's no real acomplisment in saying you're first because later on people wonder even be able to see it because IT WONT EXIST.
So you fail, #1 :3


Nope, I just randomly check FML on my phone and saw 0 FYL and 0 YDI. Im so excited my parents will be so proud. I deserve a reward eh? Yup I'm canadian. Sorry for pointing it out though I know that pisses people off : P.

  hehe_oops  |  2

it's not that it was just a random gift that had once been his ex's, then it wouldn't be and FML
it was her birthday, and her boyfriend didn't even put any thought into what he gave her
THAT'S why it's an FML