By TheAngryBird - 28/06/2012 04:51 - Canada - Grimsby

Today, my girlfriend gave herself a graduation gift: a new boyfriend. FML
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And she gave you a gift too The gift of being able to get a better girlfriend than her, and that's a good thing, because you need it, when girls are like that, you need to get someone who cares more for you and you can have a future with:) So now you can start from fresh with someone new, maybe learn something new about yourself or others, have a nice day ^_^ least you don't have to give her a gift!


And she gave you a gift too The gift of being able to get a better girlfriend than her, and that's a good thing, because you need it, when girls are like that, you need to get someone who cares more for you and you can have a future with:) So now you can start from fresh with someone new, maybe learn something new about yourself or others, have a nice day ^_^

You're like Chris from parks and recreation, overly optimistic and helpful.

Did u congratulate her? (not seriously)

The famous Keevarou everybody! With his awesome "look on the bright side!" comment. (since this is the internet, no sarcasm intended)

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Just putting it out there, you're adorable & it's lovely to see that there's still positive people around :). Every cloud has a silver lining.

Writing the obvious to get ppls thumbs up is cool.

This is one of the best first comments I've seen in a while. :)

*applause* Theres so much good in this... Listen to the great Keevarou OP!

People sure find new ways to ruin someone's life.

100- you don't have to be such a witch just like everyone else on this site he's just stating his option!

just find yourself someone better, and move on dude !

For ***** sake stop replying so weirdly to posts least you don't have to give her a gift!

This FML one got me riled up. OP you deserve better! Any girl who treats men like a gift/toy/graduation present doesn't deserve to have a boyfriend. It's childish. They obviously don't have their priorities straight if they think that "I need a graduation present. Oh a new boyfriend sounds like a great graduation present for myself!" People like that make me sick.

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One day you'll find the right girl for you:)

Everyone gets broken up with. Time to man the hell up.

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This strikes me as slightly insensitive. OP is obviously capable of emotions and therefore possesses every right to feel sad about his situation.

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4 - you, sir, are very negative. I don't like negative people! There's absolutely no need to be so harsh, it's not like this person, or anyone that gets their heart shattered into a million pieces, deserves it. So quit being such a bitter asshole, defrost that chunk of ice in your chest where this thing called a heart belongs, and come back to being a human being, you know, with emotions and feelings? Have a wonderful day! You're Welcome :)

I never said he deserved it I said it happens to everyone so why bitch and moan about it. She's entitled to break up with him if she likes.

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I thought that was aimed at me for a second! But I totally agree! It was an insensitive thing to say!

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20 - nooo not you! Don't worry. 19 - It says absolutely nothing about her breaking up with him. For all we know, he could've caught her cheating and found out she had already moved on that way. Also, when someone has a breakup, they're allowed to mope or get upset for the first day or so, I really wouldn't call it being a "bitch" about the situation. Thats quite normal.

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Woops! I meant to say *bitching about the situation

Yeah well for all we know he beat her, that's a dumb argument. And yes you get to complain to your friends but I don't know why you'd feel the need to cry out to strangers for sympathy. It's like writing an fml about stubbing your toe it happens and it sucks but it's not exactly remarkable.

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Since when did FML make rules about only posting 'remarkable' events that happen in your life? I recall, Never. It's a website about YOU posting things that are tragic or upsetting to YOU. Thank god you don't run this site, I doubt it'd be as popular anymore. And again, Leave the poor guy alone. Let him sulk. Sometimes that's a major step for people moving on after breakups. What harm is being done to you by him wanting to vent? None. So why get worked up and be negative over it? We all now know that's clearly not the road you'd take if this were happening to you.

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26 shut up already maybe you forgot but this site is called "Fml" as in **** my life It's where people post stories about bad shit happening in their lives and then everyone else laughs but feels sorry at the same time Don't bitch about OP bitching because that's what this site is for and if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to stay here.

KitGrey - You've clearly misunderstood the purpose of this site. Kindly read the site rules and read the FAQ Then if you still don't understand why your comments are all inappropriate, feel free to **** off.

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Thank you 51! And might I add how very well said that was ;)

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And, I can't forget the lovely Mr. DocBastard, thank you as well! :)

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KitGrey, the anti-Keevarou, bringing balance to the internet, one stupid comment at a time

KitGrey that's not the damn point. Yes she may break up with him if she feels she has to, but people who cheat on others, who know what they're doing, and who know that it's not right don't deserve to be happy. So I hope the ex's new boyfriend sees what a bitch/***** she really is.

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She's not worth your time so go out and get yourself your own gift

Wow I ******* hate people like that. Can't you get a life and break up with that person sensibly? Well at least now you can find someone that's better than that piece of shit.

What is making everyone think she literally broke up with him saying she was getting herself a graduation gift? From my understanding of this it was just that she broke up with him and is now dating someone else. It sucks for him for sure, but isn't this exactly what she should be doing by ending the relationship rather than cheating on him behind his back? Why all the hate?

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No, 98. From what the FML states, we don't even know if this girl broke up with the OP at all. We just know that the OP is now single because he found out she has a new boyfriend. There's hate being directed towards this girl because of that. Which goes back to 6 saying "can't you just break up with someone sensibly?".

99, Okay, your point about not knowing if she broke up with him is justified. In that case, we know nothing about the situation, and judging her as a bad person without actually knowing what happened is still unjustified.

Damn, it'll be okay. You'll find someone better than her ^.^

Find a girl like the baby sister who teaches 4year olds to moon while doing the Macarena ... She seems quite fun

hahahaha #47 is win!!!... even though the babysitter was a dude.

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loserboii 11

So what about it? Names are just names. If there is more to it please tell me all about what you have to say.

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geez someone is have a bad day huh

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Think positively! At least you'll do better. c: Thank her (; lol

Exactly. And it could be so much worse she could have given him the gift of STIs

Hahehahe why she no have many boyfrend? Dis is fanny heuheu