By Anonymous - 30/10/2011 05:02 - United States

Today, my boyfriend clearly stated that I was "useless" when on my period. FML
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Tell him your period is your excuse. What's his?


It's cause her boyfriend is nothing more than a dick :P

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OP, you and the OP from the next FML should get together. That way when you're on your period, he'll just use his hand.

How rude! You can still do laundry or make him a sandwich!

It's true though... Unless you can cook? Or play video games? Then yes, you are pretty useless.

I wonder if this means he'll be doing his own laundry this bad he'll starve from lack of sandwich

It would have completed this FML if OP had said something like, "Except I wasn't on my period. FML." At the end of the FML...

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My guy friends call me a f**king b***h or ignore me considering all my friends are guys but like two it stinks

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you're only complaining because you're pmsing

Well if you're PMSing he probably said nothing like that, but you took it to mean "clearly you are useless" haha

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and were you on your period when you wrote this FML? This is significant

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Too bad he won't be getting that with that comment lol

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My man can take care of himself period week. What do you not have anything better to do?

Tell him that he's *puts on shades* Useless when he doesn't have a boner.

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I totally agree! We can for the most part do others things beside the deed! I would give head on that week or just my hands! The only time I wouldn't do anything is the first two days are the worse for me but I make up for it by giving head twice a day or more if I am not working. It sounds like OP needs a new guy!

you shouldn't have to make up for anything just because you're on your period.

Tell him your period is your excuse. What's his?

Her period, the guy clearly made sense (before my comment)

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I hope you mean ex boyfriend! He doesn't even deserve to have a gf

Period pain? Try getting a boner in skinny jeans.

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Really? Skinny jeans your choice, one week of pure hellish period pains a month- absolute nightmare and unavoidable for us ladies. No competition at all.

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I live with 2 women in the house and when they're in their period, I stay away. And if there's an argument, shut the **** up or I'm in for a longgg asss day. Women on their period = god testing men's ability to adapt.

Skinny jeans? Ur gonna compeare cramps to a boner in skinny jeans? I dont find the conpetition.... Cramps hurt

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80, when women don't get to finish, they can get pelvic inflammation. It's blue balls for women in a sense.

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Seriously though, I was just wearing 'normal' trousers once. I had an erection and had to suddenly stand up...that was the worst pain I've ever experienced. It turned out I actually got a "penile fracture". So yeah, cramps might hurt but not as much as that did (in any possible form).

A boner in skinnies is more embarrassing then painful :P

1st, who the hell said boys look good in skinny jeans? It looks like they cut off their penis. 2nd, you can change pants, we can't stop our Aunt Flo.

The cramps are worse than a 'penile fracture.' if you could still stand, it doesn't even compare to how bad cramps can be.

Hey sometimes we can't avoid it. And for us it usually happens more than once a month. Sometimes people just get the wrong thought in their head, and next thing ya know you have a Boner in skinny jeans. once the thought is in your head, it is really hard to get it out.

Remind him that you can give him a ******* :) (although you would like him to value you for more than just sex)

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Unless his dicks huge and the only reason he called her useless is cuz he's a rich pimp... which is totally possible.

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I would just like to point out a quick double standard: if the roles in this fml were reversed(sans menstruation, of course) and someone told OP to tell his girlfriend that her breasts were small, it would get oodles of negative thumbs. Just something I'd like to point out to help alleviate future double standards.

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What about the double standard that women should keep sexually satisfying her guy when she's on her period when men are so often unwilling to do get the girl off?

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Tell him he's always useless regardless.

I suggest reevaluating the current situation with this relationship