By Anonymous - 31/3/2021 20:00 - United States - Elverson

Ever Given

Today, I had to poop, but as I sat down, it wouldn't come out. After about 10 minutes I realized I needed help. The only help I could get was my mother, who couldn't stop laughing at the sweat and faces I made. I still hurt. FML
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By  melissa1201  |  4

what help did she provide?

By  melissa1201  |  4

what help did she provide?

By  rainbowdonnareed  |  17

I seriously don't want to know how your mom helped you. If its how I think its her FML Go get some laxatives and simply apple juice. Or any unfiltered apple juice
You will be fine in no time

  Plop  |  9

At this point, he probably needs a complete overhaul of his diet with lots of greens, prunes and coffee. I really can't imagine what f'd up diet OP can have to be in need of "help"...

  bleachedraven  |  11


By  bleachedraven  |  11

The fml is under the catagory of poopoo peeper 🤣