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Today, my boyfriend asked me to start using a period tracker app so I can tell him which week of each month he needs to "stay the hell away" from me. FML
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I would have responded with "if you ever ask that again, all of them."

He should man up and love you every day of the month. Besides, I don't get what guys get so freaked out about. A period means that you aren't pregnant! If I were a guy, I'd be thrilled every month to get this news!


I would have responded with "if you ever ask that again, all of them."

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MikaykayUnicorn 36

It's not her fault if she's "really that bad" on her period. They can make you angry or sad over anything. I once cried because I dropped my chips on the floor. I would never do that on a normal day. It can make you almost 100% different, and you can't control it.

IAmzephyr 22

i don't know, dropping the chips on the floor can be pretty heartbreaking.

How does she deserve it? Women can have a lot of trouble controlling their emotions while menstruating. I spent half an hour describing honestly what it's like to have your period to my boyfriend, and if I could fit it all here you'd be clueless on what to say too. Basically, periods are SHITTY. They make you feel SHITTY. Her boyfriend should be glad he doesn't have to deal with periods firsthand, instead of being a dick about his girlfriend having them. Guys seriously have no idea how awful periods can be, so they shouldn't (the jerk ones) be so rude about them.

If your periods are that bad you need to speak to your doctor -there are things they can do for most women. Failing that, why don't we stop using our periods as an excuse to be horrible human beings. No matter how sad, uncomfortable or grumpy you are there's no need to take it out on those around you. It's not his fault you feel shitty.

EXACTLY, 24! I feel terrible on my period too but I don't take it out on the people around me. I think a lot of women get grouchy on their period because they're in pain and just don't handle it well. If it really makes you so emotional that you can't handle everyday life, you need medical help.

however he shouldn't make it worse. I know sometimes the cramps hurt so bad, I can't even walk. for you to then ask me to go get you something might cause me to get upset.

It doesn't matter why I feel the way I do, if I hurt you, it's absolutely my fault.

#9 - You really think I don't know what having a period is like??? ROFL

Totally with you #24 my mum was the worst at that time. Being a complete bitch under the excuse its that time of month. If you know that you're extra tense and so forth. Then keep yourself in check. Its like having a really bad cold. You know you feel out of sorts and are testy. So play nice

Completely disagree. You are in control of your actions. Anyone who says it's hormones is lying. Just stop being a bitch. And if you can't, then maybe you should isolate yourself.

I think everyone can say when they don't feel good they tend to be grumpy with people. He's just being a dick as are the ones here emplying that it's wrong to be grumpy when you don't feel good and that they don't do the same.


I become a raging bitch that time of the month. flying off the handle at the slightest thing, like asking me to repeat myself, or walking too slow in front of me. seriously I get a rolling rage for no reason in my chest. because I realize that it happens I take steps to control myself so yes you can control how you act. No you can't control your emotions or hormones but you can control how you respond to them. I choose to not let the rage out. others do what they want and blame it on that time of the month. it's not a reason, its an excuse for girls to act like bitches. sometimes I get snappy but I always apologize and/or forewarn my family so they can prepare.

Cricket42 5

Medicine doesn't help most women usually the only real cure to the pain and bad parts of your period is childbirth. That's what my doctor told me when I was vomiting and blacking out from pain in school when I was 14. The pill can help but not by much. Having kids works though 99% of the time. The other 1% need special and expensive surgery to fix the underlining issue. I'm happy to say though even though the pill didn't work the best since that talk with my doctor (over a decade ago) she was right about having a baby.

#68, I normally never get mood swings, but once I got on certain medications to regulate my periods, my hormones increased and I actually ended up crying 3 times in one morning, my first day on my medication. Although, I do agree that people shouldn't take out their discomfort on other people, different people feel different during their period.

He deserves a high the face...with a chair...

Sounds like someone's app would have gone off today.

that's a bit crude.. I mean my gf turns into a hormonal mess when she's on her period but at least she's aware of it for the most part and doesn't mind when I ask her if that's why she might be behaving like she's doing.

Don't you know when your periods are even without an app? Seems like your boyfriend is the one who needs the app (and a lesson in tact)

redheadedmonster 24

Not always. I have an irregular period so it doesn't always come around the same time and sometimes I even go a month without one. So it's very hard for me to track without an app.

Some women also don't track their periods, they just let it happen when it comes. I don't know how, but they tolerate it!

How does the app help? I am genuinely curious as I thought the app was just basically a calendar in which you input your period then it calculated when the next one would be by counting forward 28 days. So I can't see how it would help with irregular periods? Is there more to it then? (Speaking as someone who has bi-annual periods at most and can never tell when they'll come)

Thanks, I feel a bit of a dunce now for asking!

Learning how to tell when (or if) you ovulate is a much better predictor for both regular and irregular cycles. After I started doing that several years ago, none of my periods have been a surprise and I know when I'm going to have a delayed period (it's not rare for me to have 40+ day cycles).

He should man up and love you every day of the month. Besides, I don't get what guys get so freaked out about. A period means that you aren't pregnant! If I were a guy, I'd be thrilled every month to get this news!

It sounds to me that he's not freaked out - I think op may become a tad difficult at that time.

Given his request, OP is probably a real bitch when she has her period

I mean, it could also be past relationships for him, but it could also be how hormonal she is on her period.

kaylae22 13

Some girls are crazy af so he might have had one or op is

Xandrick 22

Try having a boyfriend who is verbally abusive and prone to rage fits during a set of days of each month. Then woman up and love him every day of the month. You'd probably be calling the cops, right? Yes, periods are beyond the comprehension of us men, who don't have those ourselves, and they are just the worst to the bearer when they come, but we cannot always chalk things up to "oh she's on her period, she's completely off the hook!"

Capitan 15

Never really had a girlfriend who became unpleasant around during her period. Maybe I'm lucky or this is exaggerated.

#8: I'm not unpleasant around my period, either. I use a period tracker app to actually keep track of my cycle so I know when to prepare. During period, however, while I'm not moody, but I'm ravenous. I constantly feel like I'm starving and eat so much. :|

You're lucky. I've spent the last week crying, eating, and sleeping.

#14: Well I spent my last period eating and sleeping. :P I felt like a baby again.

You're luck bro, some girls turn into ******* demons

Or they just can't deal with crappy boyfriends anymore because there's a lining of one of our organs pouring out of us lmao

The worat that I get is that i am more prine to crying (happy or sad tears) but when i am aware of it i can hold it back pretty well. My boyfriend doesnt mind. He thinks of it as me being open and comfortable with him.

I get lethargic and a bit anxious over small things. my boyfriend is great and does what he can to help. I don't know girls who are snarling rages at that time ... I mean you can't let it interfere in the workplace and stuff so as miserable as all women feel rarely do they do the frothing at the mouth nasty sexist stereotype. unless they are slready a hot tempered individual? If they lash out because of severe pain, which is understandable, they need to see a doctor to control the severity.

Looks like you need an asshole tracker app so you can stay the hell away from assholes

A lot of guys say that jokingly, hopefully this is the case!