By Anonymous - 30/10/2011 01:34 - United Kingdom

Today, while trying to get my phone to charge, I shoved in the cable harder and harder and tried to wobble it so my phone would charge. After snapping the USB input from the force, I saw the plug was switched off. FML
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n_epic_fail 14

Having someone snap my USB input sounds kinky.

"I'd love to stick my USB up your USB port"

I liked it when OP shoved it harder and harder, but it just got weird when he started wobbling it.

My picture clearly demonstrates this fml

So MrKlutch, this FML is now about two lesbian toothbrushes? Ok, I'm down with that.

Mister_Triangle 21

What kind of tallywhacker says "knob" as an insult?

People say it in England... It means penis. :3

In England, using the term "knob" as an insult is pretty common.

I didn't know knob in Europe was an insult, now I feel like a "knob" for correcting #2. :/

jaredofmo 22

"Tallywhacker?" Hah! I love you.

"don't force it" sounds more like a way to stay out of jail

if this were sex I'm really sorry about your USB input. that'll get ya..