By Anonymous - 9/4/2020 05:00

There's an app for everything

Today, my boyfriend told me that he could predict my periods because he keeps track of when I'm at my bitchiest each month. This wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so accurate. FML
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Chances are, the bitchiness is just unnecessary snapping. By what you say, an adult should never snap at someone because their hungry or tired or hurt. It’s not always easy to control small outbursts like that.

By  cacheson  |  41

It only took me a few years after my first period to figure out which emotions were hormone fueled and manage them. Women fall back on the hormone excuse but regardless it’s not okay to abuse the people around you.

By  DeChelle Monique  |  4

Lol sounds like my fiancé. He can detect mines as well. His reasoning why it’s the week that he has to satisfy himself. 😂😂 lol if I’m late he’s like wait I thought your period was this week.