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Today, my boyfriend caught me in a lie about being on my period. He memorized my menstrual cycle, but still forgot that today is my birthday. FML
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Anyone else wondering why she was lying about her period?


CaramelRainbows 2

his name must be: albert menstrualstein

It's honestly not that difficult to memorize one's menstrual cycle...

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Number 9 I'm trying hard to resist a classic your mum joke...

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once you see those baggie grey sweats and the holey beige giant sized underwear, you just know.

Either that or he's just not an idiot and remembered that OP was on her period maybe about 2 weeks or something ago. And they don't talk about their birthdays often enough?

eminemchick 19

i guess he wishes he just had sexx! like the other fml poster:P

Doesn't take a genius... Period is once a month. Birthday is once a year. Unless you're one of those annoying people who talks about your birthday every day the month leading up to it, in which case ydi for being obsessed.

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Why is it nasty for a guy to know his girlfriend's menstrual cycle? My boyfriend and I discuss it all the time without a problem. Maybe he's just one of those guys that actually cares and can be an adult and realize it is just a natural process for the woman.

I would thumb it up. But then again, it's already on 69...

well OP I hope you have a bloody good birthday

dam i could care less if someone remembered mu birthday... but u gotta hand it to a bro for remembering that

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have Yu not read the other comments?

my guess is because she didnt want to **** him for one reason or another, and yes, She deserves it for lying about her period

As a reason to not have sex because he forgot op's birthday

Some guys are interested in sone things

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im wondering y they have so many conversations about her period..

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ops bf 'hey baby you wanna ****' op- no I'm having my period a few days go by with nearly the same convo then they have sex a month later ops bf- 'hey, wanna do it?' op - no, I'm having my period (( history repeats itself )) or they're living together and go grocery shopping together, ops bf notices she buys tampons/pads/midol or they're living together, op asks bf to pick up pads/tampons/midol when he goes to store

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27- Achievement Unlocked "Longest Post Ever" i actually had to scroll to read the entire thing. -_-

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81, if you think that is the longest post, then you obviously have not had FML that long..

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thumbs down for having a bit of common sense? no wonder the world is ******...

She didn't necessarily turn down sex, you know. She may have said she wasn't on it when she was in order to GET birthday sex. There are two sides to every coin.

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@115 no, thumbs down for the triple spacing and saying something that can be summed up with "she probably kept repeating the same response to refuse sex and he picked up on it" with a comment that you need to scroll down to read.

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you are really dumb fo real!!

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Dumb shit... never said anything and cheating. Learn to comprehend what you read before you bitch at people...

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loving the bed intruder reference. aha

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What? Come on! I don't think that's cheating! I tell my boyfriend that I'm on period when I'm not I tell him like a day before because I get really emotional and angry (hormones) and I don't feel like dealing with him so I tell him so he won't mess with me and make me upset. It works unless you have a bf like op's who memorized her cycle. That's so creepy.

What's creepy about that? My boyfriend often keeps track of my cycle because he's aware that I can't for shit. His memory is a shitload better than mine so I appreciate him reminding me of things I'd otherwise forget. I've lost full months worth of memories before. You don't know their circumstances or their relationship dynamic.

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Anyone else wondering why she was lying about her period?

she don't wanna get ****** on her bday :0

Because she doesn't want to have sex. Probably mad at him for forgetting her birthday!

if that was the case why not just tell him .. hey I'm not having sex with you cuz you forgot my birthday ass hole... Dnt be a liar

sourgirl101 28

I agree. Why lie? You're just setting yourself up to make him think honesty isn't important in your relationship.

6- She didn't want sex. Obviously. Still, that's... really quite creepy.

maybe because she didn't want to have sex with him? the important thing from this fml is that her boyfriend obviously cared more about having sex than anything else. FYL, op.

so she could get of the sex or have a good reason to get angry at him?

who cares, a period happens the same time roughly every month, so if you remember that its often the first week of the month when you are with your girl and she cant bang, you'd remember that pretty easily. Doesn't make him a jerk, she's the bigger jerk for lying about her period to avoid sex with her boyfriend, there's a good reason for him to cheat right there... and then he's the biggest jerk for forgetting her birthday, however if she hides it or lies about that on facebook just to test him, then she clearly deserves it.

She shouldn't have to lie about her period to get off sex. I hope that's not the case. Just say no

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he memorized your insides but not the superficial?

my only regret is that I cannot thumb you more. No lies, no problems, it's that simple. Anyway, birthdays are stupid what are you really celebrating? the sun is the same in a relative way but you're older, shorter of breath and one year closer to death

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#7, lock your doors, #25 wants to "thumb" you o_O

Damn you're depressing for a fifteen year old.

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He had a deprived childhood. It happens.

Oh wait my bad he's sixteen not fifteen. I just assumed he was fifteen because we share the same birth year and I'm fifteen.

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birthdays are to celebrate another year of life that you made it another year. enjoy the little things in life they don't last forever.

25 what song is that from? please somebody tell me o_o

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It's a shame that nobody else acknowledges #28's comment. The best part of this FML.

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I do the same thing. It helps me avoid her during her lady problem era. The thought pops back in after it all ends; no worries.

How nice for her to have a boyfriend who has no use for her when he can't use her as his personal sex toy.

Beyond the "sex toy" deal, I think it's just sad that he can't man up enough to be with her when she's not feeling her best. You must not care about her that much if you can't take her good and bad.

Virgin dude here, not scared to admit it. I actually avoid her because she never wants to talk, she yells, and screams, hits. No reason, no warning. Don't make this into something you choose it to be. Girl power. Whoopee. Both genders suck. End of story.

Virgin dude here, not scared to admit it. I actually avoid her because she never wants to talk, she yells, and screams, hits. No reason, no warning. Don't make this into something you choose it to be. Girl power. Whoopee. Both genders suck. End of story.

Then that's shit you need to discuss with her not us.

Oh, I have tried. A year and some change and I have learned that subject is a "no no" deal.

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@137 when people are calling you out for being an asshole its quite acceptable to elaborate to clarify your position.