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Today, I was cuddling with my boyfriend after a fight. I told him the reason I was so irritable is because I'm on my period. He yelped in disgust and nearly fell out of bed. Good to know I'm dating a man-child. FML
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I don't understand why some people are so skittish about periods. Maybe it's because I'm a female and I have to deal with it, but some people seem to overreact.


I know the feeling OP, but hopefully he was just playing around and trying to make you forget about the fight you guys just had with a little humor.

Why was this downvoted? Dont see whats wrong with it and also she wrote "hopefully"

For some reason, FML has the saltiest people on this site. Say anything and you'll most likely get downvoted for some reason. Just like this comment will probably get downvoted to hell.

I don't understand why some people are so skittish about periods. Maybe it's because I'm a female and I have to deal with it, but some people seem to overreact.

It's not you, you're mature. If a person can't handle the idea of a period, then they can't handle sexual activity, or, in general, a romantic partner. There really isn't any excuse for being immature about them, as they're natural, uncontrollable, and half the world gets them. I wouldn't affiliate myself with anyone who can't be comfortable with them.

Well some people also can't stand blood, sight of smell. One of my friends faints if he sees it or smells it so he is a bit skittish around any type of bleeding situation.

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I was just going to say this everyone has phobias doesn't make them a bad person.

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I agree with you my brother faints at the sight of blood

Well it wasn't like she was asking him to change her tampon, she just mentioned it. That isn't a fear of blood, that's just plain ignorance and immaturity.

Why do women use "am on my period" as an excuse to act like a bitch?

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Well when guys assume it, he’s being a bitch

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The education system has failed you. I'm sorry

I used to vaguely know a guy at uni who would have done exactly this - he didn't let his long term girlfriend stay over if she was on her period. Not that he didn't want to have sex, just sleeping in his bed. We pointed out that he was being a complete dick and he kind of laughed it off in a 'hurr durr' way. They had been together since childhood so I think the girlfriend was hoping to change him, she just put up with it like oh silly boys hehe, what's he like, how a mother might talk about a horrible child. He's now a doctor!!

He's not specialised yet but I'm guessing not!! I have no idea how he would have handled the obs and gynae placement he would have likely had to do at some point.

seriously?? wow I've never heard of that..

A guy I went to school with always hated the idea of periods, he'd freak out if you even mentioned the word period to him. He was part Canadian so I'm not sure how he would cope with that part of the world referring to full stops as periods.

Speak for yourself, I don't know any British person who calls it a period.

As a Scot, I can confirm we just call them periods in the Highlands. Nicknames can be Aunt Flo (Aunt Flo is visiting me), Mother Natures Gift, The Red Sea, The Painters (the painters are in). I've been around all of Scotland and I've never heard any other name for periods, other than a period, or occasionally, menstruating/menstrual cycle.

I believe they mean hearing the word period in reference to the end of a sentence

Why do women use " am on my period" as an excuse to act like a bitch?

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It's not like he has to handle the blood himself or even see it.

Even if he was genuinely grossed out by it there was no reason to react so idiotically. He couldn't even see or touch it, if it's that bad how does he cope with the idea that there's blood circulating around his girlfriend's body too?

Er, seeing as we ladies DO bleed from our ******'s every month, I'm pretty sure that would make us sympathetic towards each other rather than disgusted.

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To follow your analogy through... what if a rich person went to a poor person's home, found out there were a few bugs in the next room that the poor person was doing their best to catch and dispose of, and threw a massive childish fit about it. Is that okay?

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Phobias aren't always logical I have no problem with blood but some of my phobias are hard to control people can be very vicious about it.

But when you come across your phobia do you behave with maximum insensitivity to the person triggering it or do you gently explain and remove yourself from the situation?

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It triggers an intense fear reaction but after I would explain.

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I know quite a few women who are grosed out by periods thiers included.

What so they shout 'EW' and leap away in terror every time they change their tampon? Do you think this lady would have still posted this FML if her boyfriend had told her it was a debilitating phobia for him and had behaved this way around blood before? I think you're trying way too hard to explain away his immaturity.

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No one shouted ew or leap away he just made a biose and fell of the bed. I honestly doubt she asked him to explain and he didn't want to argue. But i am interested that you think women can leap away from thier own vaginas.

Metalcrazed, they were referring to the fact that you claimed you knew women who are so phobic of blood that they're afraid of their own periods. The point being... How is that possible? Would they panic every time they went to the bathroom? It makes no sense.

since when do phobias make sense?

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Nice. Even I would just try to make it easier on her. I just have to figure out how, for the girl. There are no standard tips or actions. Every girl is different.