By Anonymous - 25/08/2012 12:47 - United States - Brockton

Today, my boyfriend and I were talking about being super heroes. He said I could be "The Period" because I'm a bitch. FML
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And he could be the Amazing Single Asshole. His superpower is making stupid statements and getting dumped SUPER fast!

NoFeet 4

Tell him he can be Super Undersized Penis Man


yeunbi 2

Then don't be a bitch

magicman13 9

Kick him in the balls.

That would only reinforce his opinion, not helping anything at all. And I feel OP's boyfriend was joking to begin with.

Slender_Man 6

Why? He's probably telling the truth.

I call being the comma! Oh... was that.... not where we were going with that?

MichellinMan 20

Everyone calm down, slenderman is here.

Commas are cool ;)

magicman13 9

Lol why the thumbs downs?

Because you told op to kick him in the balls. That's NEVER the option. What if I kicked you in the vagina and the boobies? Pain. Sorry man, but be in the other persons shoes before you say something.

magicman13 9

I'm a guy...

I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy to get kicked in the balls, that's horrible.

Well, How would you like it If I smashed your balls?

And he could be the Amazing Single Asshole. His superpower is making stupid statements and getting dumped SUPER fast!

Kn0wledge123 21

G Wilikers!

Marrach 7

Good one Doc. :)

hellachillin 8

I think I've watched a porno by that name, however there were no superheros involved.

Dblocker 18

I don't think that's a great super power to have because surprisingly many people have this power.

Sorry doc, I'm usually on your side. However that was pretty funny. Points to the BF for being funny...and YDI to op. Sorry op but if you can't see the humor there, then it is probably true.

Driveshaft - You're more than welcome to disagree with me. But I have way too much respect for my wife to even make a joke like that. She and I tease each other all the time, but we NEVER call each other names like that, even in jest. If you find that humour funny, then go with it. We don't.

75, well said. Respect is the most important in a relationship.

Better than being the question mark

Where did that come from?

35 - I'm assuming because a period can either be a menstrual cycle or a punctuation mark. As well, the "i" in bitch is for some reason an exclamation point...

... I thought it was funny.

#40, Oh, in that case: better than being the colon.

I think Meant like missing your period and the question of "oh god, am I pregnant."

Lol, I think the name The Period sounds indeed better than The Question Mark ^^

natewilson 9

Mysterion's Insignia is a question mark...

Then he can be "super douche" if you are "the period"

Together they can unite as one to piss off man kind.

NoFeet 4

Tell him he can be Super Undersized Penis Man

He probably already is

I get moody as hell during that time too. And PMS? Forget about it!! However, I've learned to control my mood and not lash out on people. (Especially the ones I care about). What your boyfriend said was rude but it may be a wake up call to analyze your behavior during that time.

simplylost643 0

#10- Thank you! Some one who doesn't immediatly jump to dump him/her is always a welcome point of view.

Stop being a bitch then.

Easy as 1-2-3 huh?

keven501 12

This just in " The Period" just beat up her boyfriend

klovemachine 24

This just in: "The Period" dished out a massive case of blue balls :O

perdix 29

Tell him he can be "The Question Mark" and go on a mission to answer the question, "Will I ever have sex again?"