By grossedout - 01/11/2014 00:39

Today, I was walking back to my dorm with my boyfriend. He was being really sweet as he held my hand. We were about to kiss goodnight and as he pushed some hair out of my face he said, "Can we hurry it up? I'm about to rip one." FML
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And at least he was kissing you goodnight, other girls wait for their goodnight kiss and the guy ends up not giving them one

Well that completely sucks all the romance out, sorry OP ?

Yeah looks like the boyfriend ruined the mood by trying not to ruin the mood.

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Some people are clueless by nature

I agree. If you can't be yourself around the one you love then it isn't meant to be. And he was trying to hold it in to try and be romantic but at least there was a warning haha.

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At least he warned her instead of letting it rip in mid pucker

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You should have farted right there at that instant. while looking him dead in the eye.

I hope he didn't offer you some of the cheese prior.